Hey guys... sorry I'm late to the party.
I posted the "gears" response in the larger group.

Glad to meet you folks.

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So far as I can tell, we log into http://candy.media.mit.edu/ with our Name .. no special login

Hi everybody!

My name is Leticia and I'm from Seattle, born in Mexico City. I heard about the course through my husband and I'm super excited not only about learning-about learning, but the idea of how this group is going to interact. I'm very social and like to make friends all around the world! I work as an Office Manager/Bookkeeper/Accountant/Human Resources/Tax preparer, you name it. I love music, reading, biking and hiking with my 2 wiener dogs.

Nice to meet you all! (I had to share this here as my email got returned...)

Howdy everyone.
I am Simmons and I am currently a Software Testing Supervisor in Houston, TX. I heard about this through Lifehacker as well, and since I am constantly trying to learn faster, more efficently, etc., I figured this class would be worth my time. I am a computer nerd, have have a large amount of projects going on so I will most likely be the one always answering late, and in the middle of the night. 
Nice to meet all of you.

Hi Everyone,

I'm Simi and I've just come back to Undergrad after a 4-ish years hiatus. I'm finishing out my senior year as an English major. I really enjoy learning and want to know a little something about everything...I think LCL will be a fantastic way to go about that life goal.

Looking forward to meeting new people and working with you all over the next 10 weeks :)

Anyone else want to hop on as Moderator? If you've got the time and ideas for this sub-group, let me know and I'll add you.

Each week we have a writing assignment and are encouraged to do responses & activities. Share yours in this section.

Hey guys, go ahead and cross post your intros into the Introduction section. If you haven't provided a little 411 here yet, just copy-paste from the email or post something here.

Excited to be working with y'all :)

Hi! I guess my first task of creative learning will be learning how to take this class online. Thank you S Sinha for opening this up. So what's next? Maybe introductions. I live in Haiti. I came here in 2010, the April after the earthquake, with a group called All Hands Volunteers. The October following I met my wife and the following September she gave birth to our son J.J. (Jerimie Joseph). Between helping different organizations with their construction needs, overseeing the building of an orphanage and additions to a nursing university I've been pretty busy but a friend posted about this class on Facebook and I really felt my learning skills could use a tune-up so...
I see on the syllabus that today is the first class. Where and how do I access it?
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