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Hello park

Jule, since i cannot find where to edit the about the community, and i dont think im permitted to anyways, could you please change the alpha of the myth to this profile since that ones gone..? much appreciated if you could :)

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you all see i got biger
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got  a question. what happened to the community? no ones posting, or answering...

(open rp)

I stalk near the village, keeping an eye out so i dont walk on any traps or sticks. i put my nose to the sky and inhale. smells sort of nice.. i freeze as a hedge rustles crap, what was that?

[[open rp]]
I howl at the full moon, the wind rustling my fur, the freshness of the night air clearing negative thoughts from my head

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Blood waits and sees(+john beast)

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you see me laying down and you come to me (open)

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age:8 winters
How I am like:creepy,curel,nice
Bio:Parents left me,is one of the best fighter, after i got training.All my clan helped
Looks:Pictures, and they our not mine
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(rp with +Bolt Shepherd, its me Walavira. Just dont tag my old profile in anything please) i bound into the camp, panting from my run. my eyes wide as i look for you. Cassius! Cassius, where are you?
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