Did something change with the display? It seems now that Time, Current conditions and Temperature are all on the same line. This causes my display to spill over time when it goes over 9am/9pm.

Latest version keeps crashing on Android P

Release Beta 3.5.6
add menu > settings > weather provider > observation provider > davis / ambient
add menu > settings > weather provider > davis / ambient settings
add menu > power saving and data > update rate full screen (allows app to update without background service enabled)

Any one have a Ambient Weather station interested in getting the inside temperature sensor working via the ambientweather API?

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do you think that you might support XML or JSON output from weatherlink.com (davis weatherlinkIP website) in the future?

Stops on Android 8.1 at boot up.
Report sent.

I really love your app. I mainly use it with my old tablet as an always-on weather console. Would it be possible to have an option to replace the pressure/temp graph area with webcam image with regular refresh (can set up webcam image url and refresh interval)

Having a great time with this app on an old Android tablet. Anyone know if there is a wind chill function available?

In latest beta the time in landscape mode resets to 12:00am. Changing to Portrait mode and the time is correct.
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