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(use of did ) Negative interrogative sentence in simple Past tense | Spoken English classes in S R Nagar | Speak well Spoken English Institute

Description: Didn’t + Subject + v1 + other words
1. Didn’t I drive a car yesterday.
2. Didn’t we drive a car yesterday.
3. Didn’t you drive a car yesterday.
4. Didn’t they drive a car yesterday.
5. Didn’t he drive a car yesterday.
6. Didn’t she drive a car yesterday.
7. Didn’t laxman drive a car yesterday.
8. Didn’t I sahasra drive a car yesterday.
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English language skills have assumed much importance in today’s competitive world of business wherein corporate organisations have to fulfil the requirements of the world. Thus the importance of spoken English in any sector has become an indispensable factor. Individuals have to provide the complete and accurate information for decision making. This emphasizes the individuals must be update and as per the course of his/her work students are expected to have expert knowledge which will help them in carrying of his/her duties in a more professionalized manner. Advanced Spoken English Classes help students to participate in Debates, Group Discussions and Presentations etc. Soft Skills programme includes Interview Skills, Personality Development and Public Speaking Classes. Special focus on Telugu medium students and job Seekers. Call us 9393898000. For more information click here @

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'TO' के 20 प्रयोग हिन्दी व अंग्रेजी में अर्थ | 20 Different Uses of TO | English Speaking
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This video is for beginners to ADVANCED students. I don't know how many times I meet new ESL students, and we ask each other the same 4 questions over and over and over again, yet the answers they give me are wrong.

PLEASE spend some time watching this video and get your introduction PERFECT.

NOW is the time to stop using lazy English. STOP making the same mistakes you always make. Let's get it right :D

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Pronunciation Rules for Long U.

Small progress is still progress! :D

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Thank you guys for watching my videos, and thank you for the opportunity to practice English together. This is a Mini English Lesson on grammar! It's about verb tenses, specifically the Present Simple verb tense in English. Come practice English with me :D

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Come learn English with me. Learn to speak like a Native English Speaker. Here's a video on 2 pronunciation rules for word stress. Please watch, like, share, and subscribe to my channel :D
Share the love. Share the knowledge.

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Come practice your English with me! Improve your listening and speaking.

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