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Any Of You Have Collab Ideas?

My Rhg PartyKid23 Is Waiting!

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Maybe someone could host the "Defend the Hamburger" collab. lol

Today You Make The Collabs!

I wanna do a collab ;-;

Does anyone wanna do it with meeee I'm bored

Btw if someone who wants to can do good audio if you would edit it that would be great :P

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You Forgot About This.
New Collab. The Timeline Collab (Only The Clan)


1.Use Sans Time Machine

2.Appear At Any Undertale Place Or Made Up One

3.Use Pacifist Or Genocide Route Ending

4.Save Or Break Timeline

Have Fun Again!

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Art for +Mei Yamazuki

Not really the best art but it's something

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who said stick nodes isn´t for artworks?

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have this lmao
soo i was fooling around in macromedia flash and made this
Animated Photo

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Hi I'm Back.
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