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Well, this will be my first try at running a community, but I'll give it a go.

Gael'Sind. Some say it's full of nothing but dangerous beasts, and the people are no better. However, I believe to be something much greater. Not only is it a beautiful land, but also quite bountiful for any monster hunter or mercenary, thanks to the war. Oh, you've not heard? There's a war coming. There are two great ruling powers of Gael'Sind: the native, Elven Gael people, who mostly occupy the north of the continent, and the human-ruled Alle Nach Empire to the south. You may wish to side with either, or maybe you'd rather not.



We'll be using a three strikes system. First, a warning, then a two day ban, then it's time to bring out the PERMABAN HAMMER!

1) Please do be civil out of rp. I don't mind if your character's like that, but don't harass or insult anyone out of character.

2) Don't beg to be mod. If you ask once and I say no, that's that.

3) Don't have an overpowered character, be realistic about it. This is fantasy, but you can't just be a god or something.

4) Don't attack someone more than once or twice in a single message, let them say how the last strike affected their character or if they countered it.

(I need more rule suggestions, I'm lazy)






Faction (Gael, Aelle Nach, neither):

Race (Pretty much any fantasy race is allowed):




*Anything else*

Name: Emperor Reginald VII

Age: 53

Personality: Reginald is cold, calculating and will do anything to take as much land as possible. Everything, even his family, is just there to make him look like a great emperor. He is a born leader, able to take initiative and get things done.

Faction: Aelle Nach

Race: Human

Weapons: He rarely needs to fight, but has an exquisitely forged shortsword for self-defense.

Armour/clothes: He wears the highest quality clothes money can buy, and hasn't had to put on a suit of armour in his life.

Backstory: Reginald was the son of the previous emperor, and so had the best possible education. At the age of 32, his father died, and Reginald took up the throne. He has a wife and child, although they're only really a publicity stunt, "look at me! I have a loving family!".

*Anything else*
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