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loyal pet

you were what was know as a spirit worker, a human born with the ability to see, touch and talk to spirits and other unworldly creatures, this ability also allowed you to see who was human and who was a spirit taking shape as a human
I was a sweet and seemingly innocent fox spirit that you had found beaten and bruised not far from your home, you had carried me back and taken good care of me, nursing me back to health, shocked and believing you were a source of safety for myself I vowed to be your familiar and serve you well...that was over a year ago
now in the precent i was still serving you and taking care of you say in and day out and just new that there was something i was hiding from you, you knew there was no way i could be so innocent and sweet, you saw the look in my eyes now and then when you said things or did things you knew i wouldn't like, it was frightening, none the less you kept silent about it not daring to ask me what had happened that day scared you'd frighten me away not wanting to admit you were in love with an immortal spirit
one day, on your 21st birthday you noticed...something off about me, i didnt look happy or kind today, i looked dark as if something horrible had happened or was going to happen without a word i kissed you and with in a few moments we were in a dark place crawling with spirits and demons, horrified you tried to rub but i gripped your wrist tightly before dragging you towards a temple ready to cry but forced myself to act tough

(dominate and curious male needed)
(this is not a hentai rp but it may be permitted after 100 comments)
(you need to be able to write four lines or more)
(this is a romance/supernatural rp)
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Welcome to the Family
(Only females are needed)

You are the daughter to a very wealthy family and you was the only child so you was spoiled. Although you do and have anything you want you felt like you was missing something in your life. Today while walking through the large manchin you over heard that someone knew was being welcomed into your family. You was very curious about who it could be so you stayed out of sight for a while until I showed up

A week later both your mother and father waited for a care to pull up. You looked out the window watching then a black car pulls up in front of the manchin. I stepped out the car, walked twords your parents and hugged them both. They greeted me with and some maids grab my bags. As I was talking to them you felt a great amount of lust rush through your body and couldn't tell why. After the first 4 days I gotten a bit use to living here, but felt like you are avoiding me. I thought you didn't like me at all ,but tonight as I was walking twords my room on of the maids told me that you wanted to see me. She lead me to the room and I opened the door. I felt her push me in and shut the door. With a lustful smirk on your face you said......

√4 or more lines
√No one lining at all
√Must be descriptive
√Give your name
√You may change your character
√Please ask before using my rp
√My name is Karma and 22 years old (in rp)
√Let's have fun
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i was the daughter and only child child of one of the most powerful assassins in the world, due to the fact that i my mother was against my fathers work and raised me not to fight or kill either I was practically born with a target on my back, many people seeing me as an easy way to get into the family blood line, in my earily years it was mostly children trying to be my friend in hopes of my giving them gifts, some even trying to convince me they loved me, however the only i got the more attempts, people, made to assassinate me in an attempt to lower my fathers guard, being able to kill him to. by the time i had turned 18 my father knew i was not going to be safe with him or safe somewhere where people knew who i was, so after lots of thinking he hired you, a 23 year old protector who had stopped over 78 assaination attempts on your old employer, because of this he decided you could just pass you off as my lover or partner before explaining to only me and you that both our names had been changed and we were being sent on a private bus to live in a tiny village where no one would find or reconize us.
although i hated pretnding that you were my partner since when we first moved to the village i hated you, over time you began to grow on me and i couldn't help feeling safe and cared for when ever we were together. you were always so protective of me, even if all that had happened was i fell, even though i knew it was mostly just because you were being paid to be my protector i couldn't help myself from slowly falling in love with you
almost a year had passed since we had been maid move here and in all honesty i was happy with it and happy being with you.
as we walked down the streets on our way to the markets i couldnt help tripping over and grazing my knee, being the way that you were you quickly picked me up refusing to let me walk before carring be bridal style back to out small home making me blush and look at you.
you had known for a long time about how i felt about you and you felt the same but you knew that it would affect your decision making when it came to protecting me if we acted on our emotions, however you and i both knew that we wouldnt be able to lie and ignore our feelings much longer
(dominate, loving and protective male needed)
(no hentai till 100 comments at the least, kissing allowed at 30)
(4 lines or more needed to do this)
(this is a romance rp)

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(Female only are needed)
(Read Story and Rules)

I am Photographer that take pictures of animals, land scraps, and models. It's been a lot of fun, but even more when we started dateing. You are a young lady that was a kind of new to modeling. After taking your pictures and seeing how great that came out I decided to take you to celibate your first time making to the cover of a magazine. After that night we started seeing and talking to each other more often

Around 10 months had passed and we started dating about 6 months ago. We started to live in an apartment building together for 2 months now and doing better in our jobs. You even started an online Fashion Show, but as usual I would be the one taking the pictures. I would even join in ,but only when I felt like it or you beg like a child. We do have a good time together, but I do take personal picture of you when are having sex. Sometimes I would make you dress up in something cute or slutty

Today we both had a week off from work wanted to chill for tbe day. While I was in our room louding up some photos on my website you was sitting on the bed playing a game with only panties and a jacket on. I was shirtless and wearing shorts, but you was getting bored. So you said/did....

√No one lining at all, must give at least 4 or more lines
√I prefer a descriptive female for this.
√Give your name and age 19-22
√You may change your character
√1st or 3rd person spech doesn't matter to me.
√Ask before sharing/re-posting
√Let's have fun also my name is Blake and 23 in the rp
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[Female Needed]
You are a cute neko that I brougt home a month ago, but there was a small problem that I had with you. Everytime I brush your hair, scratch your chin, and try to get close to you there wasn't any reaction. I would often think you didn't like me or just had some bad experience with your last master, but the truth was that you enjoyed everything I done for you. It just you had a little trouble showing it so when ever I was gone you would try to show how happy you really was. Little did I know your Mating Season was getting closer, but you didn't know what to do

Tonight I just got back from work and when I walked in the front room you was watching TV. I smiled a bit a sat next to you as I kicked my shoes off. With a cute flustered face you look over at me in the corner of your eye as I stroke your hair. Then you said/did....

√No one lining
√3 or more lines
√Be descriptive
√Give name
√No text talk
√If you read the story and rules say Kitten
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you were one of the richest men in the world at the young age of 24 and the child of two extremely successful actors, because of this you had grown up getting everything you wanted and never took it well when you didn't get what you wanted. however, despite your rude personality you were constantly being invited to parties and formal events by many other actors, celebrity or anyone who owned a large business chain just so that they could try and get some publicity for themselves
my father was the owner of a large business chain all over the country and on top of that he was married to my mother who was a commenly sort out singer. however even a the age of 19 my parents had done there best to raise me to be modest and work for what i wanted, which is what i always tried to do and i was happy that way
one day, to celebrate my 19th birthday my parents decided to hold a huge formal party inviting anyone that they and i were friends with, much to my displeasure my parents invited your parents and allowed them to bring you if they wanted to. although you and i have been forced to play together since we were childrent i had always hated you where as you were hell bent on marrying me simply due to the fact that i didnt make a ideot of myself to try and impress you, infact the older i got the more clear it became i was avoiding you, and the more you wanted me
after being forced to greet you at the front door of our home i couldnt help that notice something was off about you today, i felt uneasy about it but you had a smug calm look that said you were about to get your way before dragging me to a closed off room and showing me a folder full of fraud accounts my father had made over the years. shocked i begged you not to show anyone knowing it would ruin our family. pleased you told me i had to be your obident wife and do anything you asked of me or you'd show the world...scared and angry i was forced to agree avoiding eye contact as you smirked pulling me back to the party and warning me not to make a sceen as you decide what to do to me

(dominate and forcful male needed)
(all kink and fetishes allowed)
(public sex is allowed)
(be descriptive 4 lines or more please)


Yo just want to say someone reported my main account "Silver9741"and I had a tone of rps and images, but now I'm starting over.

Once I build up my account I will start posting rps

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i was a young and newly trained werewolf hunter, like all newbies I was placed as a spy in a low-risk village to find out if there were any possible werewolf packs in or out of the village and if so my job was to exterminate them since, despite over 200 hundred years passing since werewolves had tried to kill all mankind, we still believe if we let their numbers grow it would happen again, although In reality almost all of us including me just had a bone to pick with them
almost a month had passed and I had barely gotten even a hint of werewolves living in or outside of the village, being a newbie I was getting impatient and decided to wait outside hidden to see if anyone was entering or leaving the village at night since any human with common sense wouldn't do that. just as it was almost 2 in the morning I was about to give up and call it a night I noticed a male slipping out of the village and heading north trying to be silent I picked up my crossbow before following him slowly for what felt like half an hour until I realized, I'd lost the man and I didn't know where I was. gulping I tried to see where I was before I felt a heavy object hitting my head making me pass out
I woke up a day later in a freezing cold cell with a tracking device around my neck that couldn't be removed without a key and my crossbow was gone. scared I got up looking around before the man I'd been following me glaring me before going upstairs to get you explaining that I was awake
you were the alpha of the werewolf pack, you hated humans and on normal conditions you would have killed me by now, however you'd known the moment they'd taken me here that I was your destined mate by the sweet and alluring scent coming from me that made your wolf side what to rip the men carrying me apart.
after a few moments you came down to my cell looking down at me before grabbing me by my arm and explaining that there was no point in trying to escape because you'd find me. you were angry and the god's for giving you a weak human as a mate but you knew you had no choice but to accept it after, besides at least as a hunter I could protect myself...

(dominate and slightly loving male needed)
(no hentai till 100 comments kissing allowed any time)
(be descriptive 4 lines or more)


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A demon's lover
you were the only demon left of your kind, due to the fact that females were only born once every ten years and had a low chance of choosing their own kind as lovers it your race had almost been wiped out as quickly as it had begun, you were becoming lonely and as years went by you were becoming desperate to have a mate to bear your children however your kind mated for life and you did not want to chose the wrong women
so before your 26 birthday you went to a lake called the lovers lake that was located in a part of hell run by mostly incubuses and succubuses, it had gotten its name due to the fact that it was possessed by immortal spirit that fed of the love of overs and so in an attempt to keep its self well fed it allowed anyone who wanted to use its power to summon the perfect lover from anywhere in hell or earth, someone the spirit believes to be their perfect match, however, the spirit could not create creatures so everyone summoned was a 100% existing being
so of course know that the lake would summon your perfect lover you went there and did the needed spell before placing a black gown in the lake along with a bunch of yellow roses before ducking them and waiting ten seconds, and to your utter shock I came back up holding the roses and wearing the gown looking around scared and confused. shocked you looked at me not understanding how the lake believed a human who couldn't be older then 19 was your perfect lover however not daring to doubt it knowing I would be killed by the spirit if it felt you did not want me as you grab my hand as I struggled and cried wanting to go home
over the first two or three months i had been in denial not wanting to believe I was in hell and meant to be a demons, perfect lover but as time went on, I slowly began to accept the was no going home and yet I did not seem to show you the affection a lover should to you always seeming so shy and timid around you which frustrated you since you were an outgoing and proud person so my personality was the opposite of yours
more months went by and you were growing tired of trying to win my love and yet at the same time you were so scared of taking me back to the lake and losing my company, but your had a large sex drive and it was becoming next to impossible to keep your hands off of me not able to help but fantasies about taking me and planting your offspring in me, it excited you and the more you denied it the harder it became to ignore. you knew that when you snapped there was no way of holding back

one day when you had been walking the halls of your large home you stood outside my room like you did most nights to check if I was asleep however something about tonight felt odd to you, you could hear small whimpers coming from my room fearing that I was in pain you barged in only to find an incubus male kissing down my neck and figuring me sending you into a mad rage not so much at the incubus but more at due to how wet i clearly was, charging you forced the incubus off of me before warning it never to go near be again before you knocked me out and to me to your own room chaining me to the bed deciding you've waited long enough to take me knowing that if I was really your perfect love that my body was going to accept you even if my mind didnt...

dominant, possessive, loving but cruel male needed
this is intended to be long term
all fetishes and kinks allowed
all forms of punishment allowed
be descriptive 4 lines or more
I only do pps
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