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Guys who do I need to choose? 
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My friend
My crush

Why does kitchen have casual food

I got my period twice last month the latest was on the 21st of May. I had sex on the 9th of June. I show no symptoms of pregnancy, I missed my period today and my lower stomach hurts when I press down on it. Today I got a watery discharge, am I pregnant? 

Who is the first governer of pakistan?

How do i set up polls

Does anyone know if you play the lottery, and win 4$ does the self ticket checker machine say sign your ticket?

Is the trombone really hard to play?

If you were having a birthday party and could only invite so many people, so you try to keep it a secret from the others but they inevitably find out anyways thanks to the cleverness of your friends, what should you say when they confront you about it? Not head on but like 'Oh so are you doing anything for your birthday?' and 'How are you celebrating?' 

Is it gay marriage legal Because I'm in engaged with a girl from New York since I'm from Illinois? 
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