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Leo, Piper, Jason, Frank, Annabeth, and Hazel
who would you like to be in battle with

who hear ships caleo 

Name: Zachary
Parent: Athena
Weakness: over confident
Weapons: mind, tools, a sword, and sometimes if available a bow+arrow
Strengths: battle plans, building things, being a leader, taking one for the team, and AWESOME with computers

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So, to get all my info correct on here, I did a quiz.

Anyway, here goes for the sign up:

Name: Samantha Nighthood

God/Goddess Parent: Poseidon

Weapon(s): Spear, Bow & Arrow, Flint Knife/Axe

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue/Green/Hazel/Brown (My eyes change color c:)

Outfit: Anything I wear, preferably black/pink. I also have glasses.

Strengths: Logic, Water, Fire

Weakness: Annoying sometimes, argues a lot.

Personality: Loud but shy in front of strangers, quite hyper, fangirls over Leo Valdez and Dib Membrane. I am quite cutesy, but also funny, determined, and stuff. I can also be emo sometimes.
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Name: Grace

Godly Parent: Athena

Weaknesses: chocolate (no seriously, chocolate is literally a weakness), music of certain types

Weapons: Daggers. Definitely daggers. And words. ;)

Strengths: manipulation and strategy, including battle strategy

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