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plz check out my new story and follow me on quotev

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Which of you would like to follow me? I have just started and published my first quiz!

Here is a link

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Hey, so I finally decided to write a real fanfic, so tell me what do y'all think??? I recommend u to read description first.

Hey this is my first story on quotev, would like to check it out??

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So I haven't really used my account lately and I was wondering what I should do on it so I made a poll could you guys help me?

Hey guys uhm recently i got banned and i need to find a way to third party contact someone because for some reason every second without him hurts alot

Hi, I'm new :3 I've been on Quotev for a while, because I like to write. I'm pretty proud of my story Hooded Orphan. If you want to read it, here's the link to my profile. Hope you like it!

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Working on a story on Watypad! It will be posted to quoyev by on Thursday

Give me ideas for my next chapter what do you want to happen with the sisters.
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