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Hi Agents!

We are looking back at an amazing Mission Day in Deventer! We met so many wonderful people and enjoyed every minute of it!!

It all started after we organized our first First Saturday as a team back in October. After that great day, +Douwine Sijbesma said: ‘Hey, let’s organize a Mission Day in Deventer!’ Well, we were a bit sceptic because of the size of our city, but Deventer just has so much charm, why not go for it! That was 9 months ago, and after some hard work and sleepless nights we finally did it, and boy our dream came true! :-)

So let’s share a few fun facts :-)
- We had a total of 1103 agents in Deventer.. Who would have thought in our small town!
- There were 584 enlightened agents, 499 resistance agents and a few unknown because of manual check-in.
- In the first hour we opened the check-in at Burgerweeshuis, we already checked 314 agents! On average, we checked 275 agents per hour.
- Within 20 minutes, our last pins and patches were already sold!

This great day wasn’t possible without YOU! Agents of both factions showed we could have a great day together. We hope you enjoyed Deventer and her charms, with or without the world record of ‘koekhappen’ (which actually succeeded also because of our agents, thank you so much!).

We would like to give a special thank you to our volunteers that really worked hard at the check-in and with our preparations:
+Jochem Pieper
+Dieni 'gstailcat'
+Wouter Kelderman
+Jermaine van der Eijk
+S.J. de Boer
+Sven van Steenis
+Leonie Horstink

Also agents who helped us out with all sorts of very important things:
+Michael TheRealShadow
+Tim Jansen
+Arondeus Brunneis
+Kevin Schmitt
+Björn K
+Marc R (114270525172877324973)
+Christian Vandendorpe
+Pascal Frei
+Hakan Gül
+eray pierik

And our drone guys!:
+Klaas Doting (
+Alex Gosen (Drone-Eye)

And of course our special guest and Niantic community manager:
+Andrew Krug
And +Anne Beuttenmueller from +NIA Ops for her support!

So now the time has come to wrap it up with spreading the agent cards to whoever wants it as a souvenir of this day. Be sure to fill in this form if you want it:
Please be patient with this, it’s a lot of work and we are doing our best to get it to you as fast as possible!

Hope to see you all again in Deventer, or other events we hope to participate in!

+Laurie S.,
+Pim T.,
+Douwine Sijbesma,
+EddieDemon Sharpnet,
+Björn D,
+Hannie de Bie.

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Serious Request —> IngressForSR. Doe jij mee en draag je bij aan het herenigen van ouders en hun kids na bittere ellende? #MoreThanAGame #SR17

Will you participate and help to reunite parents and their children after they went through horrible times?

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Message from ORGA MD Dordrecht. Let's make it a great succes together!

In the meantime Mission Day Deventer is almost three months ago. We were getting afraid that this would be the only Mission Day in 2017 in the Netherlands. Luckily for us, Nia announced a new Mission Day on Dutch soil on November 19th, 2017. And a very special one too. This Mission Day is hosted in the oldest city of Holland, the city of Dordrecht.

Please visit or join the Google Community Page for more information on this event.

Dont forget to RSVP on the official Ingress event page:

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I received my personalized BC on last Friday (in Germany). Many many thanks!

Hi ! Do you guys have shipped all the tags already ? Did not receive mine yet... :(

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Big thanks to the Orga especially +Björn D​ for all the friendly answers, tips and HOT Swag💃💃💃

+Hannie de Bie​ Ik heb nog steeds mijn missionday agent kaart niet?

Helaas nog geen enveloppen mogen ontvangen voor CrossFader88 en Naoma81.
Is alles al verstuurd ?

Received my Agent Card today, thanks guys :)

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Bedankt voor de perfecte organisatie en de toezending van de kaart.
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