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Whether you are preparing to enter the job market for the first time, or have been working for the majority of your life, now is an excellent time to begin a career as an IT professional.

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Hey everyone (or anyone who still checks this community), I'm giving a try for managing this group:

I'm going to try using that from here on out.

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Hey everyone, happy New Year! I'd like to plan a new meetup. Let's nail down a date and a topic. Here are some ideas I've had on potential topics:

- Cross-platform development with the Xamarin SDK
- RxJava
- Utilizing new features intoduced in Lollipop

Please either +1 a topic in the comments or suggest another.

For dates here are some options, please select one.
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Tuesday January 20th
Tuesday January 27th
Tuesday February 3rd

One of my friends I develop with had to have wrist surgery. He is unable to type, and he just needs a break. He's also about to get married, so it's like the harmonic convergence of project disrupting waves.

I am looking for someone to help pick up the slack on his project. If anyone has some availability for some side work starting now for the next six weeks, please send me a message. If you know of anyone, let me know. I'm in Salt Lake, but the other person on the project is in Provo every other evening. (We finally figured out that's where all of the attractive girls are. . .)

We are looking to add another Android Software engineer on my team at TradeStation. If you're interested, please send your resume to and I will pass it along.

Hey everyone. I'd like to plan our meetup for April and I have a few topic suggestions but I need some input from all of you. Here are the working ideas:

- How to build Chromecast enabled Android apps
- How to share 75% of your application code between Android, iOS, and Windows Phone with Xamarin
- Introduction to RxJava

Please respond to which topic you'd like or suggest another. Thanks everyone.

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Fresh off the press from the forges of Mt. Rain, we finally have our first release of our new ContentProvider generator tool called RoboCoP. Please check it out, it will change the way you look at data persistence on Android:

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Here is a recording from my Android talk at Utah Code Camp about Rain's new open source tool that I helped build, RoboCoP. 

RoboCoP: Android Data Persistence Made Easy

Hey guys, I have a contract that I won't be able to take. The project is just starting. It is for a client out of Manhattan and it involves an Android based POS system.  The client is willing to pay for quality and has a good size budget, if anyone is interested please send me a message.
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