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The A.G.W was founded to teach magic-k, not to philoso/mythologize the Universal numbers, symbols, sygils and other workings personal or dream....( but how they work, how they got that way, and the hidden messages others are fearful you might learn )
In this Order/School there isn't just one view or voice i wish....
(but all the mages who have the insight worthy to be "real" Magiesters,.... if you want to say you gone to several of the orders before and you learned much, if it was Oto or Crowley or Golden-dawn branches.... (i can say in the world you seen much but you know little...because the 200 or so years you was learning about what magic(k) is and the destiny of the ages... might as well be just a dream....( now i don't wish to put anyone down personally...i wish just to say (you perhaps might have noticed the loopholes or missing information in the gran designs shown to you in ceremony or the whispering of ancient messages on wanted to bring to light but was drown out by the group voice because you was a member and not a (magiester).....i seen it often...
My order is no different, j/k truthfully it is....because, here we prize the wisdom of the ages and secrets of the mind, body, and spirit...
Being a Wizard is a tough duty, it is difficult because you want to be in harmony with the world and party and share time, but your bound by a bigger truth....Your oath in beginning to find the pattern or wisdom in even the smallest misplaced stone...
(not to prove others wrong, or dispense a form of self design)
but to bring to light what we as men/woman of the wise have know was so since the first time touching on it....
Isn't that why we have the will to question, and feel......perhaps the magic-k world is more mechanical and self driven then i was lead to feel.....or the Ancient aren't needed anymore to most....
But......NOT HERE,
sorry to post this egressive transcript....(love the words)

we are the AGW, the only living example of pure wizardry left in this world, there are other chapters of us, but they are of their own branch and together we are an invisible tree, that grows in the secret places of creation... but thats what magic was born for...

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To enter wizardry, one must master the mysteries of the moon, walk the universe of the milky way galaxy, learn the skin of space and the powers of elements and times, and then return to the sun for the higher educations... and that's elementary school....
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Mystically it upsets me when i see beginners use the spelling of "magic" with a (K) from the word kindred or kabbala... and not the essence of magic at all... creations way after the effect of its birthright, to me its like a bunch of kindergartner given freedom to write and paint anywhere, without guard to skill or personal space... and sadly at the advanced teaching levels this is useless as an education or mastery.... (but they of the modern artistry say to "each their own" and thats fine, just don't count on it to be accurate or educated as in an ancient purpose or pursuit...) I would never teach my students this fairyland badly... but i guess when the rest of the world wants to be accepted it becomes like a false religion and blends in.... (magic has never been one to follow another, its been the leading thought of others to seek it and belong..)
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The 3 dynamics of the 5 sided nature and design...

All who come here must seek the teachings of the "golden" (the yellow: spirit, the brown: information and awareness, the red: knowledge and struggle to attain knowledge, and then the black: oblivion (the secret to it all) these are the keys to the future one has in the AGW as an acolyte or more... a teacher or future master golden one... (we don't seek praise only answers, we don't seek image but secret to the symbolism of time and space....) this was the goal of the King "Midas" after he learned that you can't feed yourself on gold alone" but merely use it to help the world and it will fed you as well...

For we are the strip to this: the green, blue, purple, black and burgundy that serve this golden way...

Angels- Angels can't change anything, they can not interfere, they can however push your ethereal spirit and make your protector do it for them. For once their guardian angel, they're guardian and angel, angelic power can only stand by and teach, guardian will is its invisible hand in mankind. But only when a life has shown great promise will they draw the guardian out on their behalf.

Demons- There are no such things as minor, meaning man can not haunt themselves with a higher power. Demons of true nature, aren't what they appear. They are neither fallen angel nor a servant from hell, they are ancient beings older than the Djinn, who gained the Djinn their worth. A secret lost to sand, for all temples knew this. Massive creatures three times the size of earth, who deem not to do any kind of mankind's bidding. The only way you communicate with them is when you get in their way.

Ghost- There are three types of ghost; though ghosts doesn't really exist as media portray it. The first kind is self haunting, the second is recrimination, and the third is life oriented. The first allows you to see the nature of the ether, the secret of the veils, the touching of the differences between time and space. Ghosts are not teachers in any way. They are exactly the example of the word that stands G-host, G meaning life and host meaning host. The second type shows you the power of their life and your life. They're examples of unusual movement, ultra-sensitivity, or distractions of the mind. These can become teachers, but only by mistaken guesses. For a teacher is a guide, but this is a direction. The third kind is the most notorious of skills, is the elevation of nothingness. In this level of energy, one become their own worst nightmare, take all that you fail with and you challenge your soul. This is where the word jinx and curse comes from, for this version of ghosting is to create harm on one self, by trying to find the answer of life and death, poorly. By living as their pain, and not celebrating the ether.

Dragons- Why so limited in our scope to see all, why does mankind need teachers, why are we like cattle, why are we like food. For every shape in limitlessness are given a wooden spoon. Mankind treats mankind like property. The sad power of victory. And dragons do not accept disloyalty, in the nature of that which is adversity. For a dragon is a perfection that man rarely can meet. But that is the test, put at mankind's feet. We were given a gift, a reward if one may, and this is the secret that holds magehood in its grasp. For mages are lesser dragons in the idea of their education, learning to harness the gifts given from their wisdom, for there is nothing really wrong with mankind, only our reach, our struggle and not giving credit where it is due. We must overcome these things, that is the lesson, and that is the reward.

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The title Master, means little to me, but to those of the world "its the heart of your dedication to study and wisdom" level of your Education...

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I must apologize to those who listen to my videos, as they are done in the nature of our "wizardry" (for a wizard is ahead of his words) so sometime we speak abit wild, or wacky... "its because we are telling everything at one time, like Yoda"... we have developed this skill as a way to teach and hide breadcrumbs to those who would seek us out......" but that is part of the test as well, by not what we mean to say, but where it is meant to take the one listening...

MERLIN: to those who seek Immortality before Oblivion they will get neither, but find themselves lost in the endless maze of rats they create trying to find it..

Merlin: to find the grail is to find what you lost, but to seek the grail is to begin a new road that will share its secrets with you, for the grail is merely a cup, but your the liquid within..

The Art of the Dragon is the Art of arts...... Jun 17, '09 5:01 PM
by Luxas Aureaum for group goldenones

The form give the sight, the sight becomes the dream, the dream becomes the ART…/The_Art_of_the_Drago…......

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Black Arts in the Specrum light Mar 9, '09 7
by Luxas Aureaum for group goldenones
Black magic(k) is an energy essence that is created and harnessed in spiritual circles, CM designs that are requiring you to learn how to strengthen your psychic and empathic bonds with the body, it has to be a join union between you and a "daemon", a self created spirit driven into being by "a seper-ational moment" where in you share the energy of these beings, some can just do this by "collecting" from the darker emotional nature about them".....

This is a difficult process and offers both reward and temptations, when you turn of age, you can look in my direction again, but until then i advise you to ..look into the books of nocturnal natures, they are as close as one can get..because those who practice this art, are as tight lipped as i am,....unless they are frauds....

The only ones who offer this stuff for free at any price, are not "skilled" in it.....

(its not an art so easily ventured if you wand any rewards)

Be careful, you do get what you ask for just on their terms,
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Doorway to the Higher Self or Higher Power Dec 8, '08 3:12 PM
by Luxas for everyone

are always in reflection to what you desire, never to what you want, if you seek anything, it must also be seeking you, a hunger,lust, a feeling of greater greedy belonging, otherwise you only half way there and no one to show you the rest.... however also be advised, the only way to finish is to do what is asked of you, don't just dream and meditate and hope the answer is your chores, and see the change happen before others very own eyes...

As a teacher in All things of this will, and An ex student to the Arts of most darkened secrets, taboo, tantra, and body works...... it is forever a journey within a journey, but at the end your not guessing anymore....
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The Golden Tablets of Wizardry Nov 12, '08 2:09 PM
by Luxas for everyone

Above is the secret keystone of the A.G.W and below is the wisdom you sought to see......

1. study what you can't read or see..
2. know the limits of those whom are about you
3. share in the silence messages that all things give off
4. be truthful with yourself and where your going
5. be educated not only by book but by method and teacher
6. know the darkness in others and yourself
7. do not judge but yet observe the changes

8. have magic(k) serve you
9. serve it back
10 know times and spaces and be willing to be where your meant to..
11.. Study harder (everything above)
12. share in the messages of whatever comes your way just don't make it your own..
13. seek wisdom in the word not the book or the tone..
14. a book is a key and a line the keys door number
15. ancient messages and methods serve only those willing to understand them..Fully
16. be humble as the rain but as ever moving as the earth

17. a lost person can never ask for directions
18. rules are meant to be advanced not broken down and thrown away
19. the 9 steps of the hall of the temple..find them be them..
20. solomonic keys only tell you how not the why..
21. the older the book the lonely the message it has to offer
22. grand is the person who helps but not the person who in helping doesn't feel
23. magic(k) isn't a tool or a place or a thing or an energy it can shape these but what can shape you gives it reward..
24. the greatest gift you will ever give the world is "sight"
25. simple is the steps long is the will see your future at the top..
(there are more but that should be enough to get you on the staircase)
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