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And with your preaching, as with you nonsense!
Hello, 2017 my beard partner!

Help get our Hangout Apps back!

If you've ever tried a Hangout on a personal account vs. a work/education account, you can see that all the apps we used to enjoy have been removed. With the recent announcement of the Hangout API being shut down, apps that give us functionality like the lower thirds will likely go away.

So, what can YOU do? Say something.

Using the feedback tool for hangouts, we can let Google know what we want to see in Hangouts. Allo and Duo are Google's answer to iMessages, but it currently only works on mobile devices.

So, what should we say? Well, here's a message that you can quickly copy/paste into the feedback windows for Hangouts:

Functions I'd like to see in Google Hangouts:

1. Lower thirds. Whether in a private video call or a Hangout on Air, the ability to easily see the name of the person speaking is extremely imporant.

2. Soft focus background. Great for busy backgrounds, this allows for a sharp focus on the speaker while everything around was out of focus.

3. Bring back/keep Google Effects. Many people don't like using video conferencing because they can see themselves on screen. However, wearing a silly hat goes a long way to breaking down their reluctance.

Where to find feedback:

New Hangouts: Select Feedback from the menu (three dots in top right)
Old Hangouts: Question mark in the bottom left corner

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Learn how to #EngageDirectMeasure with #call2actionsymbols

 Pull it ALL TOGETHER and watch the archived video from my BLAB Podcast that drove more TRAFFIC for my industry-leading host....  Than almost all of his previous guests COMBINED....  USE THE SLIDER TO start at time stamp.... About  40:00 minutes. 

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#Blab can be hugely effective in helping get your "Message Out"...

YOUTUBE: HELP OTHERS Get what they want

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Join me for our HOA webinar presenting the opportunity to launch your business and establish your credibility & authority immediately, by co-authoring a chapter in my next bestselling book!
+Debbie Horovitch  from Social Sparkle & Shine and +Samantha Richardson  your Loving Heart Editor are here to present the opportunity to establish your brand message through storytelling, and presenting yourself authentically to the world. Being the author of a bestselling book immediately builds your credibility and authority, so that you will have more opportunities for publicity, paid speaking engagements, brand sponsors and more clients coming to you ready to go!

Silver Linings Storybook will be the Chicken Soup for the Soul for the new era!

In this webinar we'll review who is a good fit for this book, what benefits you'll receive by joining us in this landmark publishing project, and how it can impact your business and your life, opening doors to any and every opportunity you want!

Please join the public Facebook group to learn more about our co-authors, where they'll be speaking and which media channels are sharing their stories!

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Please let me know if you'd like to live stream this G+ HOA on Monday at 1pm ET on your blog or other platform, I can provide the embed code for you.

If you're a fan of Mike and working on writing, publishing, or sales for your book, please let me know!
You're invited to watch & participate LIVE with bestselling book author Mike Michalowicz, author of 4 books:
- The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
- The Pumpkin Plan
- and now soon to be released: Surge

Mike has joined the show MANY times over the years - his advice and support over the years have been invaluable and his book The Pumpkin Plan was the TRIGGER for me to create the show in Fall 2012.

You can join us for this live mastermind for aspiring and working book authors, hosted by Debbie Horovitch, with a panel of hand selected guests. (8 max)
Host:+Debbie Horovitch 
Featured Guest +Mike Michalowicz 
Panel Guest +Samantha Richardson 
Panel Guest +Laura Ghedina 

If you're a fan of Mike and want to join the conversation, live on the video panel, to also indirectly promote your brand, reach out to me at

#SparkleSOS  Book Authors & Publishers is a group mastermind livestream hosted by Debbie Horovitch and created by her agency Social Sparkle & Shine.

#SparkleSOS  has welcomed featured guest authors including Dorie Clark (multiple times), Guy Kawasaki (twice), Chris Guillebeau, Sam Fiorella, Sally Hogshead, Coach Jim Johnson, David Long, and many regular participants from her training programs including:
- Celebrity Hangouts on Air online marketing training course to planning a G+ Hangout on Air with celebrity guests, livestreamed to existing audiences, with sponsor revenue, and impressing the pants off people who matter to your business.
- Sparkle Publishing including opportunities to co-author books that will become bestselling books and begin on your own authority path!

#Publishing   #Bestseller  

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Tune in for a lively, power-packed discussion on using Hangouts on Air to brand, grow and market your business with Hangout and Online Marketing Expert Alex Mandossian and myself this Friday. Register here:

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Got questions about social media marketing, biz strategy, or photography? Join me and my 3 guest experts today at 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST for #PhotographyProsLiveChat. You can post your questions in the comments.
Plus there's only 2 hrs left to enter the contest to win a   flash diffuser kit. The winner will be announced live on the show.
I'm thrilled to be interviewing 3 successful photographers on how they use social media to market their business and build their online community. We'll dive into: social media marketing, outsourcing, passive income, creating a brand, building an online community, and of course photography!

This episode's photo pros are:
Gary Fong (photographer, inventor, entrepreneur)
Harvey Bremner of +Pinstripe Productions  (commercial photography and videography)
+Thomas E. Hanna |  (photographer, Google+ expert)

This semi-annual livestreamed Q&A session celebrates the final class of the Social Media for Photographers course in the Digital Photography program at the Centre for Arts and Technology.

Students, CATO faculty and friends and family are welcome to join us and ask social media and business questions of the photography panel of experts.

Feel free to post your questions below and we'll try to get them answered on-air.


Your host: +Angelique Duffield - photographer, biz tech demystifier, online marketing strategist

Check out previous episodes of the Photography Pros Live Chat:

With +Emma Patterson of Triple F Photography (sports + events)
+Jon Adrian of Adrian Photographers (wedding & portraits)
+Christine Tremoulet Photography for Hot Mamas  (boudoir + landscape)
+Sherry Frey Sherry Frey (artistic photography)

With +Rebecca Siewert , +Joshua Barnett, +Kyle Perison, and +Fiona Forshaw

With +Colin Krieg, +Jamie Delaine, +Braden Summers

You can watch all the episodes of Angelique's other series - "The Power of Free" Show, with show notes (and free gifts!) here:‬

#photography   #phototips   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediastrategy   #socialmedia   #photopros  
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