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1. No Spamming

2.No cyberbullying

3.No judging other's by their likes and dislikes

4.No offensive content

Let's all follow these rules to have a good time !

Hey hey hey, how's it doin guy or gals? 

I'll not be going back on fimfiction ever. But i did get my computer cord thats the plus. I also will be finding myself a editor and a proofreader soon. 

I'll go into it more dan, for you.

NEver mind, it's not ready yet.... I will slowly make it on my iMac, I don't even know what type of fic it would be called XD I could write it out here. And someone could help me get it ready :P

gonna publish my fic! About if my OC was in the human world and knew me :D I wrote chapter 1

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A friend of mine has an announcement for all bronies, including fimfic writers!

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From the mind of DanTheBrony, have a trailer of a fic coming soon! If he can get enough inspiration! ANd people to be the others not him, for he can only act as himself. Auditioning soon.
Oh and the picture, is the man to thank . Sadly, he was killed for being a homosexual :( No one knows if it was suicide, or murder.

Writing a POE fic

this is important, I need you all to know I'm going to be gone for a while, I may do some things but I'm not emotionally well to do much.,  it's my medicine, I get emotional if the medicine stops working, and i get suicidal  thoughts, and I get depressed, I just need to be treated with kindness, I get more upset to the littlest things, and I like being alone in here, unless my little cousins come in.. (Which I hate, and I have to deal with it for we're visiting my grand mother) I am going to see my Doctor about it next week. I hope I don't sound like a spoiled little brat- Oh there it goes, it's random I just need to relax. I'll be better in 2 weeks.

Ok... I am not saying anything... I am just saying me and Brady are working hard on this together,me and him! See I finally called you him! Ya happy >:D)  ehehe *laughs neverously

Ok... Luna shipping with Music Meister pony, Ok... I never knew we were shipping... I am just the M.M.E.A.C. for his fic (Music Meister Expert And Charector)
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