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Dear translators,
Few strings are missing to Czech, Turkish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Polish languages for me to release updated translations with the app.

Also looking for Portuguese and German translators to translate store page description. Since the text is pretty long, the author will be mentioned at the end of description. Contact me if you intend to help.

Thank you for collaboration

10 guidelines for Christian living

1. Read your Bible daily. Do not be content to skim through a chapter merely to satisfy your conscience. Hide the Word of God in your heart. It comforts, guides, corrects, encourages – all we need is there.
2. Learn the secret of prayer. Prayer is communicating. Every prayer that you pray will be answered. Sometimes that answer may be “yes” and sometimes “no,” and sometimes it is “wait,” but nevertheless it will be answered.
3. Rely constantly on the Holy Spirit. We know that the Holy Spirit prays for us (Romans 8), and what a comfort that should be to the weakest of us. Stand aside and let Him take over all the choices and decisions of your life.
4. Attend church regularly. The visible church is Christ’s organization upon earth. Christians need one another, we need to gather together to worship God and nothing can take the place of church attendance.
5. Be a witnessing Christian. We witness in two ways: by life and by word – and the two, where possible, should go hand in hand.
6. Let love be the ruling principle of your life. Jesus said to those who followed Him, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another” (John 13:35). The greatest demonstration of the fact that we are Christians is that we love one another.
7. Be an obedient Christian. Let Christ have first place in all the choices of your life.
8. Learn how to meet temptation. Temptation in itself is not sin. Taking negative pleasure in thoughts is sin. Let Christ through the Holy Spirit do the fighting for you.
9. Be a wholesome Christian. Our lives and appearance should commend the Gospel and make it attractive to others.
10. Live above your circumstances. Don’t let your circumstances get you down. Learn to live graciously within them, realizing the Lord is with you.

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Hi. I have a tiny bug report.

Whenever I tap on the "a new premium giveaway has started" notification, it starts loading some webpage multiple times. That is, infinite number of tabs start opening in the browser and I have to force close automatag. It's been an issue since a long time. :(

I would like for Automatag to tag some music on my MP3 player, so I have connected the MP3 player with USB, given Automatag SD card permission for the MP3 player, and set the music scanning directory to a folder on the MP3 player. The Files tab can browse to the MP3 player directories, but the Songs tab does not automatically scan through and add the music. Any solution?

A good news for m4a files (downloaded from Youtube and similar) which were not compatible with AutomaTag. The latest beta version should work with any kind of m4a and this is a great improvement!

In the latest version does not work the option of Sort by date added. Does anyone else happen to you? My music is in the internal memory.

After successfully editing the tag, the song file is lost or deleted

For all of you getting the automatic mode to stick at the same song, today's beta update should definitely solve, along with a little writing speed improvement, especially on SD card.

Okay, wo i finished translating the App to Catalan (CA) but it shows up as 99,48% finished. Is this a bug on my PC? Or something I'm missing?

P.S. also, if its finished, does it mean it should be up sfter next uptade?
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