Is anyone there?...Wow! It's been a while😅anyways I loved this family looking back at it. Although it may be small it was amazing. And unique at that! But I'm looking for someone to take my spot and be dedicated to vice president of the ACNL United Community! If anyone is still alive please leave a comment

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Haven't been very active in awhile but let me explain. Me and my friends recently got into stop motion and I've worked for about a week on my stop motion and it's finally done. Found some old figures and got too work, and had a real cast, don't make fun of me😅😅I'm just living it

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What should I do guys.
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Make a youtube channel for ACNL united
Make a regular channel

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My character stays rocking designer

HUGE NEWS. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IS HERE PEOPLE. Here's how the WHOLE THING works. Only 4 people can become candidates. In order to be one you have to comment your name below. Also what you would do if you were vice president. I'm looking for people who have a understanding of buisness,advertising, and dealing with problems. From there I will make my decisions and tell you the 4 people who made it tomorow. Then after that we have topics for the 4 Contestants to talk about. I will match one opponent with another which makes 2 PAIRS. Those will battle each other in best of 2votes from the public. Whoever looses the best of 2 votes for both pairs is eliminated and the 2 last people will battle in the same. LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS. THIS IS A MUST +WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO BE MODERATOR

HUGE NEWS** ACNL watch which a community owned by my friend +-cringe-​ will be taking place in some investigations of scammers or griefers in nearby communitys. We're also taking action for the child predators or pedophiles who get on acnl and try to manipulate younger people into do sexual things. By the end of the week we will conduct on how many we caught. AND if you have anyone to report or if you want to be a acnl ranger yourself then feel free to leave a comment

I'm starting an official buisness for us guys. I'll let u know what I'm planning

SOMEONE TELL ME IF THEY WANNA PLAY. Only have like 10 minutes to tell me. I will be with +Amber so if you want to go you gotta say so quickly

Good morning people. We're currently at 42 members and counting. Today's a feel free day. You can post your auctions, giveaway or discussion. We're gonna try to set up the vice presidential election today.. thank you
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