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A great interview we did with Colombian weightlifter Wilmer Torres (94kg). 

In the interview we go over many aspects from how he got started, what his training is like, what he has learned throughout his time competing internationally and much more.

Wil's coach also gave us the go ahead to show a sample of his program. 

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Olympic Weightlifting Training - Back Angle


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I took part in the Olympic weightlifting competition for the first time.
I succeeded in all attempts and set my new personal records in both the snatch and clean & jerk.

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A simple split jerk drill to fix an unstable dip/drive:

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We will be interviewing Japanese weightlifter Tatsuyuki Kinoshita (85kg) who has an interesting pull called- “Frog Leg Style”. 

If you’re not familiar with this style of pull it was developed by Japanese lifters in the 60’s - back then Japan held WR's in the snatch (56,60,75, and 82.5 classes) and I believe legendary Yoshinobu Miyake was the first to make popularize it. Also according to Jim Schmitz, Miyake was the first man to snatch double body weight (118kg at 58.5kg). 👍👍👍 

We will be doing the interview at the end of next week, so need all the questions we can get. So if you have ANY questions for Tatsyuki please please please leave them below or email me. 😆 

Cooler vid with Miyake on our youtube page= copy and paste ===>>>

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Can't ask for much more out of this post- Lu Xiaojun's QUADS, old videos of my terrible lifting, and advice from Marilou Dozois-Prévost- 08 Olympian...

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Check out the interview we did with MD-USA weightlifter Travis Cooper. Some  topics we discussed:

- How he currently trains.
- How he dropped from 85kg - 77kg without dropping in performance. 
- Maxing out and programming for advanced and intermediate lifters.

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The Shoulder Gauntlet 

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Total- Body Stretching Sequence
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