People these days are like:Hi! Let's be friends! I don't care what you are,I don't judge....sees Emo person EW GO DIE YOU FUCKING ATTENTION WHORE

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I wish someone would say this to me

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Totally! I feel bad..
Of course I would 👌💕

Hello guys. sorry for not being on most of the time.. Been busy with things and complications. So.. sorry about that. I miss you guys lots and lots. 

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hye, here's something scary for ya, enjoy before this happens to you mwahahahha

hey, god and everybody hates me today, and this hits me.
I am a good person. i have had a sh!ty life.  Why? A little bit of good, and the world try's to destroy it.  Hundreds of good innocent people die because they have a life that makes them hurt to much. very few people are really good, and most of them end their own lives because people who aren't nice, make their lives a living h3ll.  I am one of the few who try their dam^d3st to survive, and the few things that make me happy are taken away from me.  please help good people survive to be able to show the world how good they are, and help the make a change.

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Of which song would you guys like my band to do a cover of?
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If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn
Kick Me
King For A Day

I just wanted to make you understand that i was worried about you.  I tried to tell you that you needed more sleep, and that you needed a better diet.  I tried to help you as a loving and caring girl friend.  I'm so sorry that i love you enough to care.  You were laying in bed looking half dead, and fading. you didn't have enough energy to give me an answer when i asked you a question, and then when i tried to explain whats running through my head that's worrying me, you said, "I know that I'm a horrible person", and walked away.  You and i both know that's not true.  I don't want you to say stuff like that.  I don't want to upset you, but i thought you needed to know, and then you break my heart.

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Don't cry, you won't always feel so broken
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