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Rex clan: (leader +Zoe Prins​​​​​​) clan of tirannosaurs including t-rex, yutarannus, guanlong, raptor-rex, ECT..
Raptor clan:(leader +Zoe Prins​​​​​​) clan of raptors including velociraptor, microraptor, Utahraptor, Dakota raptor, ECT..
Ceratopian clan: (leader +Zoe Prins​​​​​​)includes triceratops, diabloceratops, ECT..
Hadrasaur clan: (leader +Zoe Prins​​​​​​​) including iguanadon, parasaur, ECT
reptile clan: (leader none) including pteradon,dimetrodon, ECT..
Aqua clan:(leader none) includes megalodon, dunkl, mosasaur, tylosaurus, ECT..
Sauropod clan: (leader none) includes titanosaurs, brachiosaurus, Argentinasaurus, ECT..
Spino clan: (leader +Zoe Prins​​​​​​) includes spinosaurus, baryonyx, suchomimus, ECT..
Thera hurbi clan: (leader none) (clan means therapod hurbivore clan) includes gallimimus, pachycephalosaurus
Hurb clan: (leader none​​​​​​) other herbivores like stegosaurus
carn clan: (leader none ) clan of other carnivorous dinosaurs like carnotaurus and ECT..
Mammal clan: (leader none) clan of mammoths, dire wolves, smilodons, terror birds, and ECT

Name: Sunset

Gender: Female

Species: Utahraptor

Age: 14 (32 in human years)

Clan: None at the moment

Mate: None at the moment

Hatchlings/children: None at the moment

Rank: Solitary

Diablo walk lookingg for a prey, he sees a lonley trodont ,he goes to hunt it, he kills it and then eats it, then he sits down a tree

(open RP)

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Name: Diablo
Age: 5 ( in human years is 33 years)
Species: allosaurus
Geneder: male
Size: 20 ft
Clan: None

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Age:6 (in human years is 40)
Species: elasmosaurus
Gender: male
Size:4 meters tall and 14 meters long
Rank: solitary

PD: in human age my age is 33

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