(Note: This profile is meant to be for mostly fighting, action/adventure and stuff of that nature, sexual things I explain mostly in the RP directly, but this is how the public would know me. Also this is an improved remake of a profile I did a while back.)

Name: Wolfenstein/Wolfy (Real identity unknown to public.)

Age: Late 60s, however with Eternal Youth that Werepyres have, I don't look a day over 30-35. Every passing day that I no longer age, I gain even more power. That's why Constantine, or Wolf-Wing, is one of the most powerful known entities. He's a Werepyre of age that exceeds reality.

Weapons: "Psh I dont use those you PANSIES!" Although not often that I use weapons, Wolfy has mastered nearly all known and unknown/ancient Martial Arts, and learned to master nearly any type of Weapon.

Race: Werepyre (Age 20 an onward, he had minor Android/Cyborg additions to fix certain flaws.)

Personality: Very goofy (to most) competitive, strange, unpredictable, may lash out at people randomly, most the time loyal to friends.. "It's a tough one to explain, eh?"

Weight: 1600+ Pounds (Dat muscle weighs lots bruh)

Height: 12'4, although I can manipulate this with Size Manipulation. Although this technique is very rarely ever used.

Appearance: (I use this here to describe it instead of a picture, due to I have found no suitable/accurate picture on the internet yet). I am a 12'4 tall towering wolf-figure, jet black spiky hair, blackish-silver fur, void black eyes with blue glowing iris's, fangs like daggers, claws like short swords, extremely buff, wearing no shirt, only black mchammer pants and armbands.

Likes: Fighting, Competition, Sports, Athletic things, Video games, Flying, Sex, being a show off.

Dislikes: Unloyal people, people who act tough but dont back it up, people who pull his tail unplayfully, most humans, bad games, bad food, unloyal female slaves that he owns.

Gender: "Are you BLIND!?! Male. >.>"

Abilites/powers/techniques: Unknown to most, seemingly INSANELY strong, fast, durable, can manipulate elements, maybe a reality warper..? (You can find out more during rp.)

Clan/Who I belong to: "NOBODY BITCH! I AM A LONE WOLF!" In all seriousness, Galactic Majin Empire/Wolfblood squad leader.

Power level: (Depends on age.) Age Teen years: 100k-1 trillion.
Age Adult years (Early/PRE-GOD KI) 1.5 Google plextons (Can vary where at.)
Age Adult years (Late/POST-GOD KI [at age 60+]) 2000000 Google Plextons (On par with Juudegarn in base form.) (Listed power levels are at BASE FORM, not the maximum through transformation or otherwise.) Jinchuriki state: 4986660 Google Plextons.

Bio: Unknown to public, but can be found out (mostly by being close to him in rp)

First goals: To gain more power, strength, and control.. To make sure I stay up to date in power with the other Majin.

Sexuality: Bi (Leans towards women a lot, also the guys must be submissive and much smaller then him.)

Notable Victories: Lord Buu (he was restrained all times Wolfy fought him, but this Buu is beyond Godly in power), nearly every other Majin (some of the stronger Majin he's fought and defeated are Janidan the "LITERAL IMMORTAL", Bokuzu the "Immortal Pirate of Hearts", Beesura the "God of Natural Destruction", Buubito, Juudegarn "Shinjuudegarn, destroyer of Reality", Nunoboko (restrained), Slayer of Demons, A.I Cyber-Armada (Army), Draconian Axis State (Army), Cyber-Initiative (Tri-Borg), Neo-Akatsuki (Army/Group/Clan), Achean C.W (Group), Uchiha Groups, Hyuga Groups, Golden-Blood Clan (Clan), conquering over 200 known universes, 150+ realms, and countless planets.

Notable Losses: Every Majin (he's lost to almost every Majin in battle at some point, but will most likely defeat most of these said Majin in battle if they challenged him now), Lord Buu (less restrained then when Wolfy won against him, and he'd still lose to this restrained Buu today), Buu Spawns, Rani-Tenchyak "The Infinite", Whigoromo, Tri-Borg (lost this battle due to misjudgment), Rinkai "the Goddess Kai", Hordara Khan, Itami (this was a draw, but still considered a loss on Wolfy's part due to he used self destruction to cause said draw. He would have lost if not for this), a few of his more powerful own children (they shall be unnamed), his wife Katylin, Nunoboko (lesser-restrained).

(Also, I may use ANY of my rpc's I have created. Their all different people/profiles in rp, but are my characters.)
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