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Name: Jack "the Joker" Ace
Characteristics: insane, fun, happy, killer, you can say I have a explosive personality.
Backstory: I was a guardian(super robot) who was built wrong with crazy killer side of me. I'm a class A explosive genus and a crazy soldier.
Likes: explosives, loud noises, candy, candy, jokes, and bright lights.
Dislikes: annoying kids, planes, snipers, and bomb jammers
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My two
Aruden and Rainbow (yea sure unoriginal name)
There power:
Can both fly
Can both form one being, Raiden
Can both teleport

Rainbow is:
Failed soul-fusion experiment
He loves snowball fights and snow
Is very random
Mostly happy

War robot created by rainbow
Technically is 3 years old
Likes bubbles (not even Rainbow knows why)
Has the mind of a supercomputer
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Male needed.
Anyone want to do a royalty roleplay? Male needed. Please atleast 2 - 3 lines and make sure you have punctuation. Like; capitals, periods, commas and that stuff. Please make sure you're descriptive. I do give three chances. Have fun roleplaying with me. :)

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Name:  Zaryn Winchester

Age: 17

Nickname: She's called by her friends Tonoki, means mole.She wears glasses but most of the time, she wears contact lenses.

Gender: Female

Appearance: Look at the picture below

Height: 5'3

Personality:  Zaryn wants to entertain and want to be entertaned.She is straightforward and honest, even good-natured and generous. She loves her freedom, and she must be able to travel. She needs continually change.If she's happy, she can not be happy alone; she needs her friends who see her happiness and share it.With her enthusiasm, her willingness to cooperate, her warm sense of humor and quick wit, it is for each of her friends a good listener and a good friend,but she has bad Characteristics too. She is an incorrigible, playful joker.She's doing so, as if she knew everything, but usually she don't even know about things enough to get even the appearance that all knowledge upright. She is an actress who can take on any role. Sometimes she plays it so well, that it's hard to distinguish the real character of the assumed.Zaryn speaks more to the inner truth as to the external appearance.She considered anyone from above and to her friends and other people that she finds nice, she's very helpful and cooperative.

Likes: Rock music,her guitar,scythes,to cook,Ice coffee

Dislikes: bullies,sweets,lizards

Skills: High IQ

Occupation: She's a student,but goes to missions as a hitman.

Attacks: Chūjitsuna shimo be no asutaroto - [The loyal servant Astaroth] , Rengoku no noroi - [ Curse of purgatory ] , Jigoku chēn saisho no bājon - [ Hell chains first version ], _Jigoku chēn-banme no bājon - [ Hell chains second version ] , Akuma gobōsei - [ Devil Pentagram ] , Akuma no kyōdai - [ Demons Twins ] , Hi hoippu - [ Fire whip ] , Jigoku no mon - [ The Gates of Hell ] , Norowa reta tamashī no naitomea - [ The nightmare of the damned soul ]

Weapon: She has a Key that can turn into a Scythe.

Hell animal: A Jellyfish called Shukki

Quotes: In this world, not everything will be won by justice. If you want to win, you have to learn how to cheat.

Theme Song:  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWRF5RLRxjo&index=1&list=FLvNCksk4mKBwW_L3dsjDfIg



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Name- Rinto or Rint
 Age- 16
Personality- Kuudere, protective
Height- 5'11
Likes- You will have to figure out yourself
Dislikes- You will have to figure out yourself
Bio- "I'm a jerk, I know. Your gonna get hurt because of me I know. You won't stay with me I know. But you know what? I don't care if you leave or stay, i'll be fine by myself. Tch...." Rint spent his whole life by himself, everyone would always talk to him but will slowly start to leave because of his personality. He may be a jerk, but he can be really sweet. You will start to know that your friends when you know you are.
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.. It was late at night. You were a police officer tracking down on suicides. It was Valentines Day. Lonely people constantly committed suicide. You saw a girl from a high up building standing silently looking at the sky at the edge. You rushed up to see what was going on. She turned and looked you in the eyes

Hello police officer. Is something wrong?

Her voice was sad and silent. Also touch and cruel. She didn't have any reason to jump. Her life was perfect. She was a normal adult. She was twenty-one. ((Your age needs to be higher than hers and or a year younger. Either way.)) ... She stood silently from then and she looked down at the broken ground. She took a deep heavy sigh and she stepped off. Silence on the way down you ran over to try to grab her but you missed. Her soaring down. Closed eyes you didn't hear anything. The city got silent. It didn't sound like she hit the ground. She went through the broken ground and then you looked down. It was dark but it looked like a group of people were looking down at something. There was dark eyes glaring you in the face. The lights of the cities got brighter. The eyes gently glared then the city went dark. Everywhere got loud now. Sirens went off and constantly soaring past you when you reached the city's roads. There were police, firemen, and ambulances, They weren't going any different way. You decided to follow them then you felt something grab you. Your car flipped over on the ground around 3 times. You fainted. You woke up in your car, Now parts of the city is on fire. The girl was gone now. The cars windows were shattered but nothing touched you. You kicked open the window and got out quickly. Pulling out your phone you see what is going on. There is a article on your phone.

Shadows are running everywhere.... Voices constantly haunting the city of Chicago, Illinois. The city is burning..... The night is dark.... People are going insane....

Suddenly you felt a figure gently lift you off the ground. Nothing is there. A voice replayed in your mind

Go left a mile. Turn right and jump down that hole.


The voice was now screaming. It hurt your ears but you didn't want to fall into that trap. The night turned red. The sky turned darker than usual and most of the city turned a sickening red. The color of blood. The sirens sounded silent and the night went quiet. Now the voices gone. The night changed entirely. Now she was running up to stop you from jumping. She gently stared. She looked you in the eyes as you turned to her. She walked over to you and kicked your chest hard. You fell and you landed into a net at the bottom of the hole. The city continued the same way but now she was back to normal and so were you. She was waiting for you and she helped you off the net

So you must be (Y/N.) I know a lot about you already. You are (Your age.) You're a police officer. I know everything about you. The stars told me. Don't worry. It's not just you. And I don't stalk you. I moved here after I nearly got killed from New York City last week. I've been quite traumatized. I thought... Because you were a police man you would protect me.... I'm not a very strong girl.... I say fight me too much... I'm always so silent and shy. I'd never even hurt a bug. I love everyone. I care way too much.... And I trust too much... That's why I have bruises on me..... From my ex boyfriend.... He hit me... After he tried to make me pass out from chloroform.... Anyways... My name is Sarah West. I am twenty-one and I live alone. My family is my everything but we got separated. Were all criminals... For no reason. The last name West got me kicked out of a lot of schools growing up and me being one of the smartest people didn't help. I got bullied and beat up. Not only from girls.... The girls bullied me and the guys hit me... I am quite suicidal...

She rolls up her sleeves of her heavy hoodie that smells of men's cologne and beer and cigarettes. The cuts are definitely faded but they're noticeable. She gently looked up at the stars as you hear a voice too.

Sarah. It'll be okay. Everything will be okay. Sweety. I know it's hard to be treated like a monster by everyone.... It's okay Sarah. roll down your sleeves for me baby. Please?

She gently blushed a bit and she rolled down her sleeves. She gently closed her eyes and you heard her voice reply

I know it's gonna be okay.... I love you... I wish I could come visit you... But you're a star... Not a human... But I know if you are a person we'll meet some day. Maybe you're closer than what I think. I don't know who you are as a person but you act anything like you do as a star you'll definitely be one of my favorite people. You always lead me throughout my life. Showing me the future and telling me how to contain my issues and everything. I'm so glad I have you. Even if you're not a human I wanna be there with you.... I want to hold your hand... I want to hug you... I just want to meet you... Promise me I'll meet you some day?

There was a silence then a reply

You might meet me. But the thing is you might not love me. I'm very different. I got covered in shame and agony and I nearly died recently... This person that you know, Me, is controlling a human. But I show who I really am as a person in these words. Me as a star... Me in the universe.... Me in person. I love you too Sarah. Remember if you ever need anything just say your problem and I'll be there. Even during the day I'll find a way to get to you. I'll be so happy to finally meet you.....

She started crying a bit and she turned away. She gently wiped her face and she just closed her eyes. She didn't respond and you looked up at the sky, The start she was looking at is now flickering. She gently started walking forward, you follow behind. She busts open a old rusted bolted door. The concrete walls and the empty floor look very beautiful. They sparkled in the light from mixing concrete with broken glass and diamond. She gently jumped down and she walked silently along the floor

This is basically my home.... I can't pay for a house... I don't have any money... I'm poor. I don't need to buy clothing or food.... Star does it for me. He always stays by my side. People think I'm crazy when they hear our conversations.... But I really don't want anyone to be afraid of me. I'm trying to be normal... But I don't know who my family is... Or where my old home is.... Or even my own actual relatives.... I got taken in around sixteen with my old boyfriend's family.... So we never really could do anything... But they changed their name to West and we grew up together.... Me and my ex boyfriend had fights, Of course. But we always would repair our friendship and our relationship.... I recently left him... But he wanted to marry me... He bought me a one-thousand dollar diamond ring... And I turned him down... I broke up with him and he still gave my the ring to remember him.. Then we got into another fight and he sexually assaulted me.... I mean... We were stupid and young.... I know that. But I'm attached to him because he took my virginity at seventeen... Now I wear the ring every day.... Even if I don't want him in my life.. I love him... I do... But I can't deal with what he did to me and his family... We nearly got married but his parents thought it was a bad idea.... I left him because I caught him cheating with another girl.... Now they have two kids... Hawk and Nicole. They're beautiful teens. But they're just.... Not really my kind of attitude... They're tough and rough with eachother... But I really hate violence... Hawk is a daring child and Nicole is a very strict and mean teen.

She sighed as she gently sat down. She leaned back onto a wall. She slowly drifted asleep. You layed next to her and she snuggled up next to you and you both fell asleep silently.

In the morning

((Rules! Read all of the roleplay or else you'll be lost. Make sure your character is very rude. This is supposed to be a romance but it'll be a lone time before your trust will be given. She is a very sensitive girl and she will cry a lot. She doesn't have any illnesses.

Make sure you be VERY descriptive. 1 or 2 liners will not be good enough for me. If you do a one liner I will leave the roleplay. She is very loving but she got her trust broken too many times to love anyone much. But yet again she will regain that trust with you. But you will fight. I will say when. It's a action roleplay. Don't expect minor things to happen. She will be very very strong and she will hold back a bit. But her friends will definitely help her.

When you start please type "Chicago,  Illinois. The city of lust and love."))

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"I don't believe in 'evil'. Different shades of grey is all."

"You weren't the first to pick up my gun and try crap like this. You won't be last. But you are today."

"No. No, that's it. I learned a long time ago. When life hits you hard, you gotta shrug it off... and move on to the next job. Sure, you were a part of my life once. But that part is dead and gone."

Name: Leonard "Len" Snart
Age: Mid-30s
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Description: Blue eyes, brown hair, relatively pale skin, peak human physicals
Relatives: Lisa Snart (sister)
Marital status: Single
Alignment: True Neutral

Aliases: Captain Cold, The Man Who Mastered Absolute Zero

Occupation: Professional Criminal 

Likes: The cold, ice, his sister, being in charge, the Rogues, The Flash (It's more of a mutual respect thing), beating the Flash, getting the score.

Dislikes: Gorilla Grodd, people messing with the Rogues, Flash ruining his day, Central City getting destroyed, killing women and children

-Mechanical engineering
-Expert Marksmanship
-Peak Human Physicals

-Cold Gun: Captain Cold's standard weapon is a gun that slows the atoms of the target to a halt, causing the target to become extremely cold, rather than actually shooting ice and freezing the target directly.
-Cold Grenade
-Cold Field

Personality: Cold generally shows little emotion as a result of his upbringing, however his heart isn't as cold as everyone thinks. This has led to him blaming himself for the misfortunes of his sister after the genome recorder accident and being driven to drinking after repeated failures against the Flash. If you can get past his cold exterior, he's actually a rather chill guy.

Bio: The son of an abusive father and a mother who abandoned him, Leonard Snart was raised in poverty outside of Central City. As a child his only good influence was his grandfather, an ice delivery man whose job caused the young Leonard to associate cold with positive feelings. His father, meanwhile, instilled in him an emotional coldness, particularly after his grandfather died when he was twelve. As a young man he ran away from home, leaving his sister Lisa alone with their father, as he did not want her to get involved in his life of crime. During his first job he was apprehended by the Flash. In prison, he learned about and stole a cold engine. He would also become leader of the team of criminals known as the Rogues in order to put him and the Flash on more even footing. While leading the Rogues, Leonard grew increasingly frustrated that their high-tech weaponry was not enough to prevent the Flash from thwarting their every attempt at crime. The Rogues' rule against killing didn't help deal with the problem. After a failed robbery, Leonard angrily pinned the blame on The Trickster, who openly doubted the value of involving Leonard's sister Lisa Snart who was dating Mirror Master. In anger, Leonard fired him, but his frustration and guilt over the issue drove him to drinking. After a sloppy attempt at a robbery from which the other Rogues had to save him, Leonard received an invitation from Dr. Darwin Elias that would make him powerful enough to stop the Flash in his tracks. The Rogues placed their themed weapons into Elias' genome recoding device, and fused their DNA with the weapons. While Leonard was imbued with the power of Cryokinesis, his sister was not so lucky. She was separated from her body into an astral form. Her real body was left comatose, and afflicted with a malignant brain tumor. Naturally, Leonard blamed himself - as did Lisa's boyfriend Sam, who was trapped within the Mirror World as a result of the experiment. They decided, then, to disband the team.


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((Who wants to to with me)) watching people walk by as I sit at a tree
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