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Reactionary response in emotionally secure individuals includes statements such as;
" I am very upset, I need time before I respond"
In the case of a decision being forced- an abuser may create a feeling of urgency. In personal relationships- private or not, considerate people allow others time to make choices. This is respectful interaction. If you feel like you're going to miss the proverbial bus and are under pressure you are likely dealing with an inconsiderate person. Emotional intelligence includes knowing how to identify manipulation such as mentioned.
It is not enough to recognize it however, proper and respectful response is called for and especially where disrespect is present.
We cannot expect to recieve from others what we do not model.

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Hate is alive in America. The current president fanned embers to a flame. This is part of his legacy now and forever. Hard to be proud and ashamed at the same time .

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