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Welcome to "A Realm Reborn" this community is an RPG/RP meaning you can level up and get stronger the more your willing to write!

-you don't need to be an Adventurer or a Fighter there are places for those of you who want to settle down and run a shop or some kind.

-we would like to see all members advance in levels even if it's advancing your skills whether​ it is baking, Fishing, striking, or combat​.

-Please click the links below to learn more about how things work so you can start your Adventure here.

-we hope you enjoy your stay and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Player Templates

Playable Classes

Playable Races

Leveling & Exp system

Skill System



Guilds & Factions

8m having trouble finding moogle beast quests

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{Combat Skills} {Wip}

- These skills involve fighting in Combat.

Attack (Atk)
-Grants players using melee weapons higher accuracy, thus increasing the number of hits dealt with an opponent during any given time period. Since more of the player's hits will be successful, the player's opponent will incur more damage per any given period of time. Stronger weapons also require higher levels of attack in order to equip.

Strength (Str)
-During the melee, higher strength increases a player's maximum potential damage to an opponent for each successful hit. Stronger members' weapons may also require higher levels to equip. Strength also gives access to various agility shortcuts.

Defence (Def)
-Allows players to wear stronger armor, as well as decrease their chance of being hit. A common misconception is that high defense reduces the maximum possible damage taken during a melee with an opponent's successful hit. This is not true. However, because the chances of being hit are lower, the player will sustain less total damage per any given time period while in combat. When the player is hit by an opponent, though, the full damage amount can be incurred.

Ranged (RA)
-Allows players to fight with arrows and other projectiles from a distance and increases a player's chance to hit when using ranged. Ranged weapons, armor and some other items require a certain ranged level. Also gives members access to various agility shortcuts.

Magic (Ma)
-Allows players to cast spells, including teleports and enchantments, ​Attack Magic.Increases magic-based attack accuracy and reduces the chance for magic-based attacks to hit you.Increase your total Magic Attack potential.Also allowing you to do more advanced spells for a variety of uses.

Constitution (Con)
-Allows players to sustain more damage without dying. Your base life points are one hundred times your constitution level. All combat skills train constitution at a rate of 1.0 ever 1 point.

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[Technique Training System]

- You can train your weapon technique and Magic in this way.
- The technique is unique to each person it's​ how you use your weapon. for example, many samurai clans pass down techniques but they take the time to learn.

~ Learning ~
You must complete a 25 lined post or 25 comments in RP to get to this level.

~ Novice ~
You must make an 80 Line post or 80 Comment RP.

~ Moderate ~
To get your Novice skill to Moderate, you must create a 100 Line post or do a 100 Comment RP that describes your character getting more skilled.

~ Adept ~
To get your Moderate skill to Adept, you must do a 140 lined post or 140 Comment RP that details your character getting more skilled.

~ Expert ~
To get your Adept skill to Expert, you must do a 150 lined post or 150 Comment RP that details your character getting more skilled.

~ Mastered ~
To get your Expert skill to Mastered, you must do a 175 lined post.

~ Grandmaster ~
To get your Mastered skill to Grandmaster, you must do a 300 lined post.

~ Arch-Master ~
To get from Grandmaster to Arch-Master, you must do a 500 line post.

~ Legendary ~
To get your Arch-Master skill to Legendary, You must do a 1,000+ lined post.


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For as long as war has raged, heroes from every race have aimed to master the art of battle. Warriors combine strength, leadership, and a vast knowledge of arms and armor to wreak havoc in glorious combat. Some protect from the front lines with shields, locking down enemies while allies support the warrior from behind with spell and bow. Others forgo the shield and unleash their rage at the closest threat with a variety of deadly weapons.

For rogues, the only code is the contract, and their honor is purchased in gold. Free from the constraints of a conscience, these mercenaries rely on brutal and efficient tactics. Lethal assassins and masters of stealth, they will approach their marks from behind, piercing a vital organ and vanishing into the shadows before the victim hits the ground.

Students gifted with a keen intellect and unwavering discipline may walk the path of the mage. The arcane magic available to mages is both great and dangerous and thus is revealed only to the most devoted practitioners. To keep enemies at bay, mages can summon bursts of fire to incinerate distant targets and cause entire areas to erupt, setting groups of foes ablaze.their full potential is limitless as long as they take the time and effort to learn and master their craft.

Priests are devoted to the spiritual, and express their unwavering faith by serving the people. For millennia they have left behind the confines of their temples and the comfort of their shrines so they can support their allies in war-torn lands. In the midst of terrible conflict, no hero questions the value of the priestly orders. They have the Greatest ability to heal out of all classes and the stronger their​ faith the stronger the more they can heal. Recreation spell though has a penalty of one level to revive an ally.

Swordsmen differ from warriors as they only fight by the sword.they are usually very strong and quick making great assassins staying in the shadows or if focused more on strength samurai.the more skills you learn the better you'll be. many families pass down skills through the generations making the next better than the last.

As the name states, they use Archery as there prime skill. with a variety of arrows and usually skilled as a scout or knowing the terrain, they help a great deal when tracking and taking down enemies.

[Adventurer] Locked
A jack of all trades, the Adventurer Class is limited to those that claim it, and are able to dabble in every single art, and generally, do well when they learn it. It is the most neutral class that offers the most pathways ​and is limited in those that may have it.

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{Gathering Skills} {Wip}

-These skills involve gathering raw materials (resources) directly from the source.

-Allows players to obtain ores and gems from rocks found in some specific places. Ores can be used with the smithing skill. Gems can be used with the crafting skill.

-Allows players to catch certain fish. The fish can then be sold or cooked and then eaten.

-Allows players to cut down trees for logs, and to carve out canoes for transportation. or if high enough building shelter.

-Allows players to grow plants (such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, or trees) in certain patches across the world of RuneScape. Farming is notably very useful for collecting many common and rare herbs for Herblore.

-Allows players to track, net, deadfall, snare, and trap animals for their hides, abilities and treasures. Some of the animals caught can be used in other skills.A skill most scouts or trackers should have.

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Playable Races
More will be added as time goes on

Humans are very intelligent beings, which are experienced and the most diverse in every field — they often make excellent craftsman ​and adventurers.

[Forest Elf]
Elves born in the deep forests — raised around the trees. They are known for their connection to nature, and softer tendencies. They make excellent thieves and Mages of every kind.

Beast-Kin are descendants of animals and humans some even from mythical animals. they share an animals appearance but as humanoid and retain some traits though weakened.they are the second largest race in population.

Evil, good, forestry, or anything from nature can make a big difference. Typically they fit their surroundings. They fit their environment in such a way that it describes every part of them.

a faintly small population now they have been accepted into society.
they stay in human or humanoid form keeping a rather normal looking appearance.they have a large amount of magic but are for the most part unable to do much better than other races until they have lived a few hundred years. young dragons are at the most basic level of things similar to humans in that way. as their magic gets stronger Sio does there Magical Aura. it causes lower levels to feel a pressure which grows as your magic and level increase.

[Variant Species]

I'll allow this as a variant of any species only difference is they need to drink blood ever few days (3-5) they are faster and stronger then their original species and have increased senses. Though they will have a weakness to sunlight.they also can't enter places made with White oak though it's rare. you can add weakness to your own character but do not force others to follow your way. this is the basic way in this community​ they can use this if they so choose.


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[leveling System]

-In this community, the overall power of a player is measured directly by the level you have.

-you can only level up U once per day.

EXP can be gained for your character in many different ways. From sharing the community, to fighting in an RolePlay, and even just writing RolePlay posts. However, it should be noted that not everyone gains EXP at the same rate. The EXP of Moderators are doubled and the EXP of an Owner are tripled.

The points gained by ordinary characters are measured as follows:

-Writing a RolePlay post ~ The number of words times 0.1
-Writing a Training post or Story Arc ~ The number of words times 0.5
-Sharing the community ~ 20 Points when shared to a community with over 200 members and decent activity.
-Giving advice/ideas to the community ~ 10-50 EXP depending on how useful it is or the Mod.

-Winning a fight ~ 100 EXP.
-Losing a fight ~ 50 EXP.

-Winning a Tournament ~ (The number of participants + the number of fights won) X40.
-Runner-up ~ (The number of participants + the number of fights won) X20.
-Winning a single match in a Tournament ~ 50 EXP.
-Participating in a Tournament ~ 25EXP.

Depending on the difficulty or type completing a quest can give you anywhere from 100 Exp - 100,000Exp Only Owners can create quests.

-All basic levels and base amount of EXP, ranging from lowest to highest:

Requirements to Level:
1 : 65 Exp
2 : 120 Exp
3 : 300 Exp
4 : 600 Exp
5 : 1,000 Exp
6 : 1,500 Exp
7 : 2,000 Exp
8 : 2,550 Exp
9 : 3,200 Exp

10 : 3,850 Exp
11 : 4,600 Exp
12 : 5,450 Exp
13 : 6,450 Exp
14 : 7,700 Exp
15 : 9,200 Exp
16 : 12,900 Exp
17 : 15,150 Exp
18 : 17,650 Exp
19 : 20,650 Exp

20 : 24,150 Exp
21 : 28,150 Exp
22 : 32,650 Exp
23 : 32,650 Exp
24 : 37,650 Exp
25 : 43,650 Exp
26 : 51,650 Exp
27 : 63,150 Exp
28 : 79,650 Exp
29 : 101,650 Exp

30 : 131,150 Exp
31 : 170,650 Exp
32 : 223,150 Exp
33 : 290,650 Exp
34 : 312,500 Exp
35 : 331,250 Exp
36 : 350,000 Exp
37 : 368,750 Exp
38 : 387,500 Exp
39 : 406,250 Exp

40 : 425,000 Exp
41 : 443,750 Exp
42 : 462,500 Exp
43 : 481,250 Exp
44 : 500,000 Exp
45 : 518,750 Exp
46 : 537,500 Exp
47 : 556,250 Exp
48 : 575,000 Exp
49 : 598,750 Exp

50 : 625,000 Exp
51 : 650,750 Exp
52 : 670,500 Exp
53 : 690,250 Exp
54 : 740,000 Exp
55 : 780,750 Exp
56 : 820,500 Exp
57 : 860,250 Exp
58 : 910,000 Exp
59 : 950,750 Exp

60 : 1,200,000 Exp
61 : 1,150,000 Exp
62 : 1,300,000 Exp
63 : 1,450,000 Exp
64 : 1,750,000 Exp
65 : 1,900,000 Exp
66 : 2,100,000 Exp
67 : 2,400,000 Exp
68 : 2,700,000 Exp
69 : 3,200,000 Exp

70 : 3,500,000 Exp
71 : 4,000,000 Exp
72 : 4,500,000 Exp
73 : 5,000,000 Exp
74 : 5,500,000 Exp
76 : 6,000,000 Exp
77 : 6,500,000 Exp
78 : 7,000,000 Exp
79 : 7,500,000 Exp

80 : 8,000,000 Exp
81 : 8,500,000 Exp
82 : 9,000,000 Exp
83 : 9,500,000 Exp
84 : 10,000,000 Exp
86 : 10,750,000 Exp
87 : 11,500,000 Exp
88 : 12,250,000 Exp
89 : 13,000,000 Exp

90 : 14,00,000 Exp
91 : 15,00,000 Exp
92 : 16,000,000 Exp
93 : 17,000,000 Exp
94 : 18,000,000 Exp
96 : 19,000,000 Exp
97 : 20,000,000 Exp
98 : 21,000,000 Exp
99 : 25,000,000 Exp

100 : 30,000,000 Exp

-Thats all the levels 1-100-

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[History Summary]

Long ago there were gods and many many species. There were many different cultures and religions. There were many counties and kingdoms many Empires and territories but in the end. It didn't matter they all meet the same fate.

All the Empires Rise and fall repeating again and again. But one day all the empires all the counties all fell. The gods lost there powers. Many species died. That day is forever called to history "The fall"

After that day there were few species left. And with no magic no power they couldn't do much. Over they years they slowly re-built some of there kingdoms but this time the leaders formed a truths never again will there be such blood Sheed And death.

With magic returned people were starting almost from scratch due to the last war. New traditions and rules were made. Higher level people started to show up then before the fall.


(BF)- Before fall
(AF)- After fall
(MR)- Magic Return

1 MR- unknowingly how. Magic returned to the world so many years after the fall.

2 MR- several world leaders tried going to war breaking the treaty.

15 MR- yet again blood was Sheed and yet again leaders died.

16 MR- new leaders were picked and new traditions made.

22 MR- Specific nations held more power then others for before Magic returned they horeded most history, books,Items anything they can find.

35 MR- Counties united forming the largest nation known to the world.

38 MR- The Lone islands started becoming a nation of there own. and became a kingdom made and ruled for magic users.

53 MR- a smaller town was discovered to be immune to magic. as soon as one stepped foot in the town you would lose magic but regain it once you left. it was called the dead zone by many.

58 MR- several of the kingdoms and nations started hiring the strongest of there people for high positions in government and military.

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{Artisan Skills} {Wip}
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