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Finch's Soundtrack...

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Continuing Chapter 5

Alaska fiddles with my hair.

"Hmm....We could use a little dye..." She tucks a strand behind my ear.

I glare at her horrified.

"Hmm....Maybe not..." Finnick notices my freaked expression.

Alaska pulls a pearly pink comb through my hair, every now and then taking little notes on how to do it up.

Starberrina bustles in, clutching a bag full to the brim with glittery, extravagant makeup.

She drags Alaska into the corner where they have a quick, hushed conversation.

I glance down at my bare arms, covered in goosepimples. I sigh.

Then, Starberrina returns, sitting on a stool she grabs a palette of pearly white foundation and begins to smear it across my face.


I stare at myself in astonishment. I look beautiful. But still a Capitol creation. I do a little twirl and layers and layers of midnight blue medieval dress flow around me. 

"You look a sight." Blaze chuckles.

"Shut up." I scowl.

They have made Blaze look comically funny. With a blue suit and electric blue eyeliner, I cannot help but laugh.

Finnick does a double take at us both and claps his hands. "Nicely done!"

When our team have finished looking at us and prodding us Finnick takes us both to a white room, with only two white sofa's.

There sits Four elder female and males and four younger females and males.

Finnick bangs his hand on the table to silence everyone.

"We are here to discuss the Yearly Alliance between District One, District Two and District Four." Finnick Announces.

I eye up the other  tributes. They bore their eyes into me, as if trying to figure out why the training centre would allow a twelve year old.

They must settle with the thought I am deadly, and move their eyes elsewhere.

"Does anyone not want to be a career?" The District Two female mentor asks.


To be honest, I wouldn't be a career if my it was an equal choice. But if you don't choose career then you are pretty much dead.

"Very well." Finnick says quietly. "Training begins tomorrow. Stick with the pack"
finch's Outfit
finch's Outfit

Chapter Six

The siren squeals again and I stumble forwards in my heels, trying to get towards the lift.

"Its no use!" I strop. "I can't walk in these pathetic heels!"

"You don't have to, you just need to stand in the chariot in them. Blaze, carry her." Finnick exhales deeply.

I crack my knuckles as Blaze reluctantly picks me up.

"I'll be watching with Annie at other end. Good luck" Finnick slaps Blaze's shoulder and goes to ruffle my hair but stops as he see's Piano's watchful eye.

The lift doors close behind us and I type in the passcode  Piano gave me 'D4 TRIB PAR.'. 

We zoom down yet again, with me clutching Blaze's helmet hair.

The doors open to reveal a somewhat hall, full to the brim with Tributes and their teams, some in their chariot, some socialising, some talking with their mentors.

The District Two Female, Jo, catches my eyes and waves cheekily from her chariot.

I salute and smile fakely. Like I said. My sister died from an alliance. I know all the tricks in the book with alliances now.


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Chapter Four



My heart pounds as the train suddenly begins to slow down slightly, ready to show us off to the world.

My palms become wet.


The Capitol is purely beautiful, like a picture made from modern artist. All full of colour and life, nothing like The Districts. Tall statues tower above, beaming down at the city below. And all it citizens, dressed in the most spectacular garmnets. 

My sweaty hand automatically moves up to the window, placing itself on the glass.

"Its certainly something isn't it?!" Piano laughs heartily.

Blaze whistles under his breath, standing next to me.

"Remember to SMILE" Finnick pinches my cheek in the most aggrivating way.

I force on the cheesiest smile possible and toss my shower of soot-coloured black hair over my shoulder.

"Better" Finnick clasps his hands.

Surely...He's not nervous? How on earth can a mentor be nervous? Its not exactly like itsTHEM going in the arena is it?

I giggle to myself scornfully, no, but Finnick has been in that Arena at some point.

Then, all of a sudden, we are greeted by thousands and thousands of Capitol Citizens all craning to see this years District Four tributes.

Just up ahead is District Three, Two and One's trains. All of its passengers climbing down.

I wave, smiling at the crowds, even though my heart is not in it.

The scream and wave back, ectastic that the female tribute from District Four just smiled at them.

The train draws to a halt.

Catiously I rubs my hands together and make my way to the doors.

"Heads up, shoulders broad and wave" Piano smacks the back of our heads.

I do so, the crowds go crazy, not leaving any tribute alone for less than five seconds.

I feel eyes boring into my side and I turn around and the boy from District Five is watching slyly.

Save it for the games. 

I grit my teeth and continue to play up to the crowds.

I glance at Blaze beside me, who has his hands shoved in his pockets like he dosen’t have a care in the world. I pinch his arm.

“Smile if you want to live” I hiss.

Blaze cocks an eyebrow. “Right...Weren’t you going to kill me anyways?

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 Chapter Three

I sit on the red leather sofa, Piano one side, Blaze the other.

It starts with District One.

Of course, they are both two highly trained people, both with broad shoulders and that knowing look about them.

But what catches my eye is District 5. A tall boy stands, with his electric orange hair curling around his jaw. His eyes are set hard and lips in a thin line.

He looks like...My sisters ally. 

Well. obviously not her ACTUAL ally but related at the least.

The same slanting cheekbones, the same shining green eyes.

The ally that killed my sister.

I clench my fists in fury and grit my teeth. His name. Its true. Bolt Jon. Like his relative Violet Jon. 

He must be watching this now, thinking the exact same thing...

“Ah. You have dibs on him, huh?” Finnick winks.

“He’s related to the girl that killed my sister. Of course I want to break his neck” I snarl.

Finnick raises his hands in mock surrender. “Watch your back though. Remember, this is about winning, not going on a killing spree.”

I glare at him “I am going to tear him to tiny little pieces...So small. So tiny” 

He laughs “Get your hands on him first.”

With the next few districts, I take no notice, just thinking in my head how I am going to rip this piece of cruelness to shreds with my bare hands.


I am awoken by astonishingly bright light, peering through the curtain drawn over the window.

I stretch.

Then I stop, remembering where I am.

On my way to the Capitol.

I swing my legs to the side and open the doors to my wardrobe, picking out a blue tank top and black leggings with a pair of black flip-flops.

When I enter the dining area only Finnick is there, slowly buttering a slice of toast with jam.

“Ah...If its not tear-everyone-to-pieces girl” He jokes.

I roll my eyes “Remember where we are”

His eyes flash, as if remembering something from years ago.

“Remember where we are” He echoes.

I take a seat opposite him and take a bowl of fruit. Finnick suddenly snaps out of his trance and eyes up my outfit.

“So...Your big day. Nervous?” Finnick munches.


“Or are you just excited to get your hands on the male from District 5”


“I take THAT as a yes”

I raise an eyebrow. 

“If only, eh?” He passes me a glass of orange juice.

I slurp it thirstily, downing it in seconds.

“By the way, you might want to change into something a little more...” He begins.

“Capitolish” I answer for him “Sure”

He chuckles and wipes the crumbs from around his mouth “You certainly have your head screwed on don’t ya girl?”

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Chapter One

I awake from my deep slumber. My legs feel stiff and awkward. Today’s the reaping. I pull back my ragged bedsheets and slip out of bed. Hopefully, Clover and Clarrisa won’t be awake just yet, that would be bad. This year is my first reaping. My older sister Holly got picked for the 69th Annual Hunger Games. She was the in the last five. I remember being interviewed like it was yesterday it was all;

“How do you feel?”

“Do you think she’ll win?” 

“What do you think are the chances?”

I even saw my sisters death, aired all throughout District 4. Career district.  She had been training since I was born, right up until she was 16. Then....She got an arrow pierced through her heart.

I shall not follow in her steps.

I shall not be picked.

Its nothing for me to worry about.

I have trained before, since I was three. But father immediately stopped my training after my sister’s funeral.

Clover and Clarissa are both 9. They know what the games are. They despise of them. But they were only five when Holly....Went. So they don’t remember her well.

I slip into Holly’s hand-me-down reaping dress, a blue silky dress that hangs around my thin hips awkwardly. I run my fingers through my ash black hair, smoothing it down a little.

Just as I slip my feet into blue heels Clover and Clarrisa barge in.

“Your not going to go in are you?” Clover suddenly cries.

“No! No! Of course not. My names in there...”I try to count on my fingers the amount of times I have gone for a tesserae. “22 times. And the kids a the training centre will be volunteering!”

Clarrisa clutches Clover and they bury their faces into my dress.

“Stop now....You’ll get snot all over it!” I wobble backwards in my heels.

Clover and Clarrisa giggle politely and wipe their snotty noses on their grubby sleeves.

“Now scurry along you two! If your quick you might get in the tub before its time to go!” I wink.

They rush towards the crumbling stairs, dashing down two at a time.I sigh at my reflection in my old mirror and plaster on a fake smile, just for the littlies.

I then follow the girls, down the crumbling staircase.

Mother and Father are in the kitchen, handing the girls porridge and oats with a glass of suspiciously dirty water.

“Look at you girls! What am I going to do with you?!” Mother shakes her head. “Your up to your armpits in mud!”

“We made mud pies!” Clarrisa chuckles, wriggling her dirt coated fingers at Mother.

Father snatches back the bowls “No breakfast until you have clean fingers! And I’ll be inspecting” He jokes.

Clean? In Panem? Yeah right. The best they’ll get is mud stains. Best thing for ‘em is a good bathe.

Mother hands me the bowl, and like she’s reading my mind says “Will you plonk ‘em in the bath darlin’?”

I sigh and roll my eyes “I have somewhere to go!” 

I then stop in my tracks as Mother’s face darkens. 

“Like heaven? Like death? Just do it!” And with that she pushes my fair share towards me.



I march through the streets and into District Fours town hall. My feet ache and are sore alreadt, drat the darn shoes.

Clover pulls on my arm “Where are you going?!” 

I lean down and kiss her forehead. “I have to go. I’ll be back. Don’t worry. It’ll take ten minutes at the most.”

Mother clenches her fists but says nothing and sinks into father’s broad chest.

I sidle up to the peacekeeper’s area, who are sitting behind oak tables, pricking peoples fingers and checking them in. 

“Next please?” The woman demands.

Reluctantly, I stick out my hand, she grabs it and pricks it, then pushing the print onto the page.

She scans over it with a little device and I am free to go. I spot myself up on the screen and wink, playing up to the cameras.

I then stand in the twelve year olds section, accompanied by the other 100 or so girls, clutching each other to death. 

I don’t really have any friends, I am too busy working down the black markets, trading half of my Father’s fish for bread, oats, soup, vegetables and eggs. And then I have to trade Mothers wonderful strawberries for linen, cloth and silk.

I have the gift of the gab Father says. I always manage to drive a good ‘ole bargain. Just last week I managed to fob off three squirells for one of mothers old junk jewelry bracelets.

I go into the woods every Sunday morning at five AM. And then I set up, get the good trades and bring back fourteen 1 litre bottles of water in a little pull along cart Father made out of driftwood.

You’ve got to have some muscles for that.

Our escort, Piano (yes, very weird. I think her real names Fiona...), click-clacks onto the stage in her 5 inch stiletto heels.

She taps the mike three times.

“Welcome! To the district four reaping of The 73rd Annual Hunger Games” he grins at us all, like its some birthday party “May the odds be ever in your favour. And as polite. Ladies first”

“River Janice!” She announces.

The name echoes through the town hall. Its not... I look around, rapidly.

It can’t be....

It must be.

River Janice, the girl stuck to her wheelchair, unable to move.

I see the light go out inside of her, like she’s already giving up.

“I VOLUNTEER!” I suddenly yell.

I clamp my hands over my mouth, what have I just done?I turn around, looking at Mother’s face harden and she locks her jaw.Clover and Clarrisa with tears rolling down their cheeks.

“Ah, seems we have a volunteer. Step right up.” Piano beams down at me.

I lick my dry lips and make my way to the stage.

“Whats your name Darling?” She tosses her long purple hair.

“Finch. Finch Rite.” I nod at her.

She then digs her hand into the other bowl. “Quinn Uran”

“I VOLUNTEER” A voice booms.

“I believe we have TWO volunteers this year” Piano’s face lights up.

A broad teenager steps onto the stage, his dark brown hair pulled back into a lazy ponytail.

“Blaze Miteman.” He juts out his chin.

I smile awkwardly.

“Give it up for the tributes of The 73rd Annual Hunger Games!” Piano raises our arms in the air.

Only one can win.

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Chapter Two

I lean my head against the icy cold Justice Building window. Why is Mother and Father not here? Can they really not bear to see me? Aren’t they proud I volunteered for this dear, disabled girl?

I grit my teeth. All because of Holly. 

Because of Holly I had to stop training, because of Holly I had no power over wether or not I was to participate in the games....Until now, because of Holly my Mother is so upset she won’t even come to say goodbye to her daughter, who may in less than a month, be dead.

I hear the door open and I widen my eyes and turn around.

“Don’t get excited...its only me. I thought you may as well know what your up against” Blaze comes and sits on the ledge with me.

“What about your Mother and Father?” I ask, confused.

“I’m an orphan.” He says simply.

“So I am guessing your not trained...” I stutter.

“Yes. I am. They train you there with the kitchen knives and homemade bows. They show you how to make nets and fires” He says defiantly.

“I am a little. I had to stop when I was 9. My sister Holly went in and...Got killed” I screw up my face with the pain of the words.

“What can you do?” He asks, now intrested.

“”A little this and a little that” I shrug.

“The Hunger Games aren’t a time to be modest” He rolls his eyes. 

“Um...Knife throwing, hand to hand combat, traps and climbing.”I admit, missing out that I can certainly use a sword.

He frowns. 

“What, not good enough for your high standards?” I suddenly snap.

“No. Just fine” He furrows his brow.

He sticks out his hand for me to shake. “Allies?”

I spit on his hand. “No way. I know what you sort of people can be like. The sort that killed my sister”

Just then Piano opens the door. “Train time!”


I step onto the train, all of a sudden taken aback by the gloriousness of it all.

There’s a little bar with lines of beverages, all laid out for consumption. 

And a little table set with silver cutlery.Theres everything. A lounge, proper rooms, EVERYTHING!

“Its wonderful isn’t it?” Piano places a hand on my shoulder.

I nod. 

“Well, why don’t you two go and get cleaned up before you meet your mentor?” She claps her hands.

Thats a simple code for; Go and get changed, you look a disgrace, you don’t want to embarass yourself in front of your mentor.

I curtsey politely, I don’t know why, it just seems the appropriate thing to do, and then make my way to my room.

My room is clearly marked with a little blue sign.

I push open the door silently.

A huge four poster bed sits in the corner, covered in the exact matching sapphire to my dress. I wonder how they knew. Perhaps, its just by chance?

I lock the door behind me and slip out of my dress and chuck it in the corner.

I then go to the wardrobe.

It’s very confusing, all computerised and asking me what I want and what type. 

So in the end I just put in ‘Dining outfit’ and a whole raiful of clothes appear.

Suprised, I fall backwards, knocking my head off the bed.


I tiptoe into the room, hoping not to be noticed, fat chance.

“Ah, here she is! The one and only Finch” Piano waves a hand at me.

Only the male mentor sits opposite Blaze and Piano. 

I take my place quickly.

An avox takes away the cover and reveals a portion of Deer Soup large enough to feed my family for the week.

I sigh and half heartedly take the soup spoon.

“Finch, this is Finnick. He will be your mentor and the person you should go to throughout this week” Piano sips her red wine.

Finnick smiles cheekily and two dimples appear. “Finch, huh? I’ve seen you around. Black markets mostly”

I blush. I bet he has. Me yelling out at people to come and trade with my goods. Yes, I remember him now, always with his arm protectively wrapped around some girls waist. Her eyes are green and she has dark brown hair...A victor from previous years. I’m sure. The girl people call demented and ‘The Rabied Chicken’.

“Where’s the girl?” I blurt.

Finnicks face clouds over. “Annie? Oh....She can’t come. But she’ll be at the Capitol tommorow to see your grand entrance”

I slurp at my soup half heartedly.

“So...Any tips?” Blaze asks.

“Well...You run, you don’t go right into the centre unless you think you can manage it. And you grab whatever you can. Always get a simple weapon first, so you can fend for yourself to get the rest.” Finnick explains.

I shudder at the thought of the cornucopia, rushing past bodies pressed into the dirt.

“I’m not hungry” I push my bowl forwards.

“Darling, you’ve hardly ate a thing!” Piano frowns.

I shrug “Not got a appetite”

Though, I can’t say the same for Blaze.  He has downed his bowl of soup and is now starting on his main course, lobster.

“Okay. Okay. Me and Finnick will be watching the reaping’s later. You might want to watch them too!” Her face brightens.

I may as well, it might be better to know who I am up against if I have any hopes of winning this thing. 

“Sure” I smile.

I get up and leave the table, as I walk I feel all eyes slide to me.

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Chapter Five

The lift doors slide closed. Piano types a passcode and 'Four' into the keypad.

Then, all of a sudden, we are zooming upwards. 

Finnick splutters with laughter as me and Blaze scramble to cling onto the leather supporters handing from the ceiling. 

And then. as if nothing ever happened the doors open to reveal a long, thin corridoor with doors labelled with thing like 'Before The Launch' and 'Waxing room'.

I think that one DEFINITELY caught my eye.  I sigh longingly, knowing that the thick hair on my arms will be soon stripped.

Finnick squeaks down the corridoor in his posh shoes. 

He taps in another passcode and the door flies open.

A little gasp escapes my mouth. 

Everything is leather, with a mini bar, flat screen television, chandeliers and the most wonderful dining table, made completely out of blue glass. 

Ah, Blue, to represent the sea of District Four.

"Go fight each other for the best rooms" Finnick waves a hand dismissively.

"No! Save that for the Arena" Piano takes Finnick seriously and shakes her head.


I pull out the chair, ready to eat.

"NO!" Piano stops me. "That was NOT the bell for eating. Its time to get ready for your entrance!"

I gulp. Piano is practically bursting with excitement. What on earth are they going to do to me?

"Come with me, Its time to meet Alaska." Finnick ruffles my hair.

I look up at him, with wide eyes.

"My stylist?" I whisper.

He lets out a deep laugh. "Don't look so scared, it won't be that bad!"

Oh really? 

Finnick leads me to a large room, with blue waves painted around the white walls.

Its looks terribly like a hospital, with two beds and all sorts of equiptment laid out on little marble benches.

All of a sudden a bouncy, stick thin, violet coloured woman appears.

"Ah, you must be Finch" She leans down to kiss both my cheeks, staining them with her purple powder. "You can trust me with her Finnick, what a beauty she is"

She grabs my chin, turning my face this way and that.

"Maybe enhancing her cheekbones might be quite a good option,  but we want to make her look as deadly as possible" She mutters.

Finnick waves and salutes before leaving me with this Capitolised monster.

"This way darling" She pushes me towards the beds.

She hands me a tiny robe to wrap around my private area's and then she comes back in.

"Right" She rubs her hands together. "I'll go and get Cherry and Starberrina to come and go the waxing!" 

Oh god.


I lean my head back against the white marble bath.

I stink of sea salt.

It's 'supposedly' meant to make my hair luxiourious, but somehow the remaining hair on my hairs and legs have fallen straight off and my hair is greasy and thick with solutions. 

I gag at the stink.

The blue curtain is drawn.

"We are just going to rinse off your hair one more time before applying the oils" Starberrina walks in, armed with a showecap protecting her hair, a water blaster in the other.

She blasts it at my hair and the solutions trickle down into the murky green water. 

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