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Hi I'm new

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Name Gabriele Reyes
Age 29
Gender male
Job gym teacher
Likes sleep
Hates bullies
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Hey I'm new here waves

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"Just fucking kill yourself, save the world from just one more retard."
Name: Irakiden Vfendt
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Female
Height: 6' 3"
Appearance: Athletically lean with a sharp face he walks with a bored strut, and his hands buried in his pockets. Has short, unkempt hair reminiscent of reddish dirt that covers just his scalp.
Apparel: commonly wears loose-fitting jeans and a V-neck Tee-shirt branded with the names of various bands, and a black hooded-jacket often left unzipped.
Abridged Biography: "Put bluntly, Irakiden is a delinquent. He has been known to...act out on occasion. There are accusations milling about that would be unwise to divulge here. Though, he is a born leader we can only hope he puts that to better use in the future than he has here...which brings up our next topic: he and his friends are...well, we simply can't have them attend this school any further."

(open rp)

I walked in the classroom and went straight to my seat ,which was next to yours, as fast as I could pulling out a little book and i start to draw in it

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I was making trouble in the classroom and you asked me to stay behind

(Teacher needed and be dominant please)

Kei Luminous move his pencil in a sketching pattern on a piece of paper as he keeps his head low, covering his paper. People ask what he is drawing and he just hides the paper. He doesn't like showing his work that he worked hard on or show so someone else can steal.

I walked into my first class in this school i see people stare at me and i feel like a deer in headlights not knowing what to say the teacher then gets up and introduces me as toby.s knowing my last name is indeed strange so it was left alone i then sit down and take my seat next to you you then...
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