hi saw your post in ez-robot about using the kangaroo 2 using 74hc74 flipflop

and do you have the ez-robot code for kangaroo 2 board you can share

Hi David,
When you have time, after your trips, could you consider cutting the head files in the reprint folder in half? The present size will be a problem for me to print. I will be printing them with the front face down to keep it flat. No rush,.

I will be finishing the old head with what I presently have printed and add  the newer needed parts for my test head. I will then will print the newest and latest version which will be used on the robot. I will make a list of files I use on the new one, so you can consider whether or not to delete the "old" files in the database.

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Hello David, I enjoyed your You Tube update video. It gives a good idea of what is going on . Are all the head files updated so I can print them? There were some changes you wanted to make on the last batch of files. I look forward to continuing the printing of the head and beginning to assemble the parts. 

Hi David,
I am having issues with the first four Bottom Head files. They are quite large and have real long print times. Due to the size I get a lot of cracking, to the point they are no good. I tried a number of ways to print them but they come out badly.
After all the EZ-Ai Beta testing is completed please see if these can be made to print in smaller components to reduce cracking and warping.  No rush. This is just a note so I don't forget to ask. I will not be printing again until you have completed your EZ-Ai testing.

Hello Dave, I have begun printing the inside.stl. It looks like some of the files need more than 1 part printed. Can you make a list of how many of each is required?
Thanks, Ron

It has been a bit since I have posted. Here is the current progress with printing. The head is almost complete. There are some updates that I need to post for the doors under the arms, the head to neck attachment and a few of the inside pieces.

I have redesigned the Rafiki Pod and will be posting the STL files for you to have once I know they all fit together correctly. I hope to have everything published this weekend.

Thanks for your patience. There is a lot going on right now for sure. We are about to get pretty busy with the beta release of EZ-AI.


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Started printing the head.
2 parts left to print.

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I have started printing the neck. There has been a change to the zip file to only have it include parts 1-7. The other parts were moved to the inside.zip file so that it would contain all of the parts that needed to be attached to the inside of the shell.

New neck.zip has been published.

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The ring seems to be worth printing out. The ring prints well in PLA which the ABS slurry / glue shouldn't stick to. The OD of the slot ends up 19 1/4" and the ID is 17 3/4". I removed all the tabs and notches.
When the parts were placed in the ring I ended up with a perfect end to end fit. I noticed when the parts are fully seated in the groove, the tops line up pretty closely.
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