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Name: cade Skywalker

Gender: male

Age: 15

Species: human

Hair: blonde

Eyes: blue

Height: 5'9

Weight: 120 lbs

Birthplace: coruscant

Base planet: none

Allies: kanan jarrus, Ezra Bridger , Hera, Sabine, clone troopers aka captain Rex, commander wolffe, 502 second troopers of the new republic,212 troopers of the new republic, chopper,ahsoka tano, Luke Skywalker, starkiller, captain Gengor,and commander fox, and the young pirates who are still Jedi padawans, Finn the Jedi,the Jedi order, new Jedi order, R2 D10( astromech droid) my young apprentice Bryan Kahn

Special skills: skilled with lightsaber, experience pilot

Transport: jayke Skywalker Jedi starfighter

Transport equipment: pilot droid, blaster cannons, hyperspace, shielding add ( 100% to the armor)

Weapons: one green lightsaber

Talents: ability with the force expert pilot; knack for fixing machines

Armor: Jedi tunic and clone armor

force ability's: force push, force jump, force choke, force grapple, force lighting, force repulse, force Slam,

Bio: i have survived order 66 and I have taken a Jedi apprentice named Bryan Kahn and he is good at his training and I am training him very Will

And this me and my droid and my Jedi starfighter and my lightsaber 
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Which Jedi Council is this?

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Name: Cryanm Beliym
Other name: white Falcon (Falcon)
Age: 34
Species: half togruta half human
Appearance: refer to the picture
Family: (human father) Gaylen Beliym (togruta mother) Salina Ti-Beliym. (Aunts) Shaak Ti Debila Ti (sisters) Felina and Deliena Beliym (wife) Kira Onasi-Beliym (adopted son) Valinetine
Friends: Ahsoka Tahinie and Tarmari Tano (very close friend )Vash Zortanis
Home world Shili
Alliance :Jedi
Rank: master
Able to speak any language
Able to control all animals
Very powerful self healing
Skilled negotiator
Master of all lightsaber forms creator of lightsaber form IX lighttoit (the charged lightsaber)
Force grip
Force healing
Force jump
Force lightning
Force pull
Force push
Forced repulse
Force speed
Force wave
Fore sight
Mind wipe
Weapons: three lightsabers (one blue one purple one white) one gold single blade lightsaber one sliver single blade lightsaber
Secret weapon: lightsaber of creation (clear blade with thin gold outline)
Equipment: box of rare lightsaber crystals togruta battle armor Jedi armor
Background: comes from a family of very powerful Jedi
Bio: classified

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