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Language-Related Issues in Contract Translations

There are a few factors companies should consider when preparing contracts with parties from other countries. It is wise to engage a language services provider with translators who are legal professionals and native speakers of the languages spoken in the other parties’ countries during all phases of contract negotiations. Such a translation partner can be invaluable in enabling your legal team to present and execute international contracts that accurately convey the terms agreed upon by all parties.

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Find out the Three Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid for International Websites

International search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex process. Companies often make three common errors that decrease SEO rankings and result in lost revenue opportunities.  Your website will perform much more effectively if you can avoid these errors.


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*How to deal with Multilingual Due Diligence and 

Anti-Corruption Compliance in Cross Border M and A 

Please feel free to share your experience.*

Regardless whether you’re buying, selling or 

merging with a foreign company, if the buyer and 

seller do business in different languages,it’s wise 

to partner with a language translation partner to 

address multilingual communications. This will help 

to speed the due diligence.


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Five Best Practices for High-Quality Technical Translations

When converting technical documents for a global audience, there is much more to the process than simply handing over a file for translation. You can alleviate a number of potential localization problems by following the five best practices provided in this article.

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