RainClan Leader

šŸ’  || General Info || šŸ’ 

Current Name: Windstar
Past Name(s): Windclaw, Windpaw, Windkit
Future Name(s): None
Prefix Meaning: N/A
Suffix Meaning: N/A
Age: 47 Moons
Age Equivalence: Two years, Three months old.
Gender: Male
Clan: RainClan
Rank: Leader
Personality: Windstar is a generally happy cat, but can panic at times. His usual expression is one of worry.

šŸŽ‘ || Relationship Info ||šŸ

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Sister(s): None
Brother(s): None
Mentor: Leafstep {F}
Past Mentors: None
Apprentice: None
Past Apprentices: None
Friends: Will be made
Enemies: Will be made
Mate: Open/Will develop
Crush: Open/Will develop

RainClan Auditions

RainClan is currently...

Here you are the questions you may fill out if you want to join RainClan(Post them in the Auditions tab.) 'RainClan' is a semi-li to literate roleplay group.

1. How active are you willing to be?
2. Which OC will you be using?
3. Which rank do you want?
4. Will you be able to follow the rules here?
5. Are you willing to give up your rank if you are not active enough?

And that's all!
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