I ran across the IPAS today, very useful tool. I appreciate your efforts and look forward to learning more about attack efficiency.

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So, the new SoftBank Ultra Links are finally there. And it seems they're not only for extending a portal's link range, but they seem to increase its mitigation in some way. How exactly, nobody knows. This is where you guys come in. You're the experts for mitigation analysis. (Also, I haven't hacked a single SBUL yet.)

The SBULs have a property named LINK_DEFENSE_BOOST with a value of 1500. Since mods stats are usually transmitted as integers with a decimal shift, I guess this means a value of 1.5. I want to emphasize that this is just a guess, I've got no proof whatsoever. And we still don't know what it boosts exactly. Another guess of mine: it only boosts link mitigation. Still just a guess.

So, if someone could do some analysis on this, I'd be glad to include their results in IITC. Of course, this would also be valuable for IPAS.
Also, please include the effects of more than one SBUL in that analysis if possible. If you see a portal with more than one of those, please check how many outgoing links that portal supports and tell me.
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Looking ar your site and confused. Is there a user guide?

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Quick note: Version 1.1.3 now includes these new AXA shields

BUG: im doung a simulation attack when im doing it ontop of the resonator (to get most effecent) it sometimes resets the remaining resinators on the portal

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Note the comment: "Also, the ipas-link plugin is broken. As Niantic no longer return resonator deployment distance, an important part of its functionality is lost. I'm considering deleting the plugin"
IITC Test builds

These have been updated, and should be working as best as possible.

A few useful pieces of data have been removed by Niantic
- portal address (and portal description too)
- resonator distance from portal
- mod slot numbers

The removed data means the following plugins are no longer available
- show-address
- draw-resonators

Several other plugins were updated too - so if you try on desktop, make sure to update both IITC and any plugins you use.

Test builds can be downloaded from http://iitc.jonatkins.com/?page=test

Hey Peter, have you thought about implementing critical strikes in your model?

If we know the average rate at which they occur you can add a probability roll on each "mouse click". Maybe have a "Enable critical strikes" checkbox that users need to check before launching the attacks in case they don't care about that.
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