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After many weeks of Rynn being in his lab comes onto the intercom

Calling Seohyeon to my office immediately, we have work to do.

He sits in his office and waits for her to enter

(Closed to me and +Taelien Taemin until further notice, feel free to watch)

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here it is...

in the works since the first of january
in assotiation with +Michael Klim, the a creator behind "Elementals RP"

and Me, the guy behind the Multiple Universe RP "Crossing worlds"

brings you a whole new community!

HMV high RP

A place for very special students...

Heyo people. So elemental season 3 is still on hold but something great is being created at the moment that I think a lot of you would enjoy.

A lot of people requested a high school theme and this is that. I'm working out the details with another person but we should hopefully have it up soon so I'll give you all a hollar when it's done. Hope you all join, I love the idea.

Michael signing off, peace ✌🏻

Damn... what happened here? This community looks dead-er then Di Caprio Oscar jokes

Hello. I'm new . Could someone tell me what kinda RPing is done here ?

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I stand on a hill and feel the warm breeze. I start humming an old song (open)

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Name: Seohyeon Kim (call Seo if you are a friend)

Element or human: Element (Air and Telepathy)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

appearance: as seen in photo

Personality: was brainwashed, but is very happy and optimistic. She is also very clingy, yet she is very sensitive. She loves having friends around, and one wrong move can make her seriously pissed off.

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship status: complicated.

Likes: Makoto, chocolate, food, music

Dislikes: hunters, people calling her short, Zeldinak

Interests: MAKOTO

education: High School

Occupation: none

Relationships: dead parents, as far as she knows she's dating Makoto, and many friends.

Side: ROGUE!!!! YAY

Weapon: her mind. She has telepathy. Duh.

Location: dorm in rogue base

Bio: .... I mean she was brainwashed into becoming a weapon for the hunters, but she finally fought it and now she has been "reset" to believing the war never happened. She is basically the same old Seo, and thinks she is still 15, can't swim, and that she is dating her childhood friend Makoto. She is very lost right now, and she's just trying to reconnect with what's going on at the moment.
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I guess I could possibly maybe perhaps remake the old guy Mr. Miró

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i find a private spot in the park where no human can see me. I practice my element abilities on a tree I need to fix this world....for my master's sake.... (open)
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