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2016 was such a cringeworthy year to me, not to mention I struggled a lot in chores at the beginning of the year.

The question is, will I reach 200 Google+ Followers and 200 YouTube Subscribers before the new year?

My Google+ Page

My YouTube Channel
you can only share this for today and tomorrow, it's your chance

2017 Is not too good of year too be honest

2017 Is going okay so far there has been terrible times for me but its meh

Due to inactivity, The Tom will leave the POE (now TWO and GPOE communities) forever.
Lately, my parents noticed this conversation in POE. It gave me the light to stop supporting POE and move on.
If you subbed to me on YT, do not unsubscribe! Surprises will be in the mix this year!


How is 2017 for u so far for me its starting off kinda good

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Just some lps couple pics if you don't mind
Callie and Donald
Miles and Crystal
Diamond and Kevin
Thunder and Taylin
And Megan and Mario 
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OK, Guys. Here is My Final Video of 2016.

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Yup; 2016 sucks so much I made this.
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