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Hello!  Welcome To Fazbear's Fright! Here we try to recreate the feel of the age-old Pizzeria- Freddy Fazbear's pizza. Heh, Yeah, I used to be there before it closed down 30 years ago, here is the story of both pizzerias.       Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria was  a family-friendly restaurant themed around lovable animatronics that sing during the day, a place of fun and joy for children and parents alike. At night, however, the restaurant takes a dark turn, and those same animatronics take to roaming the halls of the pizzeria. As the new night shift security guard, Jeremy Fitzgerald has to work the night shift, from 12-6 AM, for 5 days. Jeremy's job as the night guard is to watch over the animatronics via cameras around the pizzeria, using a flashlight to see inside dark areas - including the shadowed, doorless hallway that leads into the office. Thanks for coming to my home attraction!

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Don't do it
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Don't duet!

looking at the cameras oh, I see you springtrap SPRINGTRAP : I'm coming for you security guard (you can RP if you want)

Springtrap needed
Security guard needed

looks at the FNAF animatronics Follow Me

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Springtap is the cutest animatronik!

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I'm Back Everyone!

Riot: the animatronic dragon sits by himself next to the arcade thinking and trying to remember

hello :D
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