+Bud Fields It appears we have two trolls in here. They are Doug McCormick and Howard McCormick. Look at their profiles.

In my introduction I was asked how I defined progressive. I do not feel that is the appropriate place to have such a discussion. In another community a lively discussion ensued about whether I was right or not. Damn it, I'm defining me and I am right.

Now as to why I consider myself a progressive (knowing that some progressives will agree with some points and disagree with others).

1. I support LBGT rights.
2. I believe that every citizen has the right to vote and oppose any attempt        
    restrict the right to vote.
3. I believe we need to reform our criminal justice system and dismantle the
    prison/industrial complex.
4. I believe universal healthcare is a right.
5. I believe that people with higher incomes should pay more in taxes.
6. I believe corporations should not get corporate welfare.
7. I believe we need aggressive policies turning around the man made
    causes of climate change to include financial support for renewable
    sources of energy.
8, I believe that everyone should have a livable income.

I am sure I have left some out. Now if you want to discuss what I consider a progressive is we have a basis and a place to do so.

Thanks for the invite. Radical progressive in Clarksville, TN.

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Episode $43:"Then and Now!"

We are back on the air after our short Winter break, and rip rarin' ta go! Listen in as we talk about the ending of 2012, the 112th Congress, the beginning of 2013 and the 113th Congress, and the guano crazy in between! We also begin to develop the "99" Strategy nationwide by looking at the program for the State of Tennessee. We believe this can be replicated in every one of the 50 United States, and we need YOUR help. Stay tuned, and listen to the archived show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ppts/2013/01/06/episode-43then-and-now

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Back from our Winter hiatus, today's show highlighted the things of 2012 and those things we may expect in 2013. We also began coverage of a plan to help Progressives engage, in 2013, in every precinct in the United States. 

Thanks to our listeners, the more than 10,000 of you, who are supporting us with your time, talent and treasure. We promise to continue the work began in 2012 on PPTS, and highlight the activities, activism and activists of the Progressive Movement in the United States--and especially across the Progressive Southern US. Today's show replays on Tuesday evening, beginning at 9PM over on http://netrootsradio.com. Of course you can also listen to the archive any time! Tell us what YOU think?

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Join us, beginning at 11PM (Central Time) for the re-broadcast of Episode 42: ALEC vs. ALICE. In the first hour, I speak of the tragedy in Newtown, CT. This is the most difficult show I have had to do since our beginning. You can listen to the show, and join us in our chat room over at Netroots Radio Network. 

We're on the air. We'll see YOU there!

Bud, I just  discovered I cannot access the chat room on this old IMac.

I am listening to the show, though.

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