Obviously this area is for Roleplay.
Roleplay rules.

1.Don't be mean outside of the roleplay
2.I don't care if there is smut/lemon.
4.O.C's are allowed
5.I skipped 3

Obviously Cosplay pictures here

Post pictures of cosplay from online pics or your own life๏ปฟ

Here we can discuss things to put on this community๏ปฟ

My emotions are calmed down YAY๏ปฟ

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(Unknown Creator)๏ปฟ

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Artist: ( below)๏ปฟ
hi, um, I drew Undyne, though i would've posted this yesterday if i had time.

i decided to draw her with a nose don't barrage me with comments about that๏ปฟ

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death by glamour intensifies๏ปฟ
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