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What's a Social Media Professional?

Your job does not need "social media" in the title but it should relate to social in some way: marketing, PR, creatively etc.

Please Join if you'd like to network with other London based social media peeps.
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What would be your recommendation for comparing the relative performance of YouTube channels you are a manager of?

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Three day Twitter poll.

If you're interested in voting or hopefully helping get a wider sample size the tweet is here:

I'd be interested in what you'd expect to come out on top.

I'd be willing to wager that "Insta" will come out on top by a considerable margin.

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Why do agencies fail at social media?

The linked page on +Happening London contains a Twitter list where I am adding London based agency accounts.

As it's a public Twitter list each account that is added will have received a notification on Twitter that they have been added to a list. Currently the list has 200 members: that's 200 London based agency Twitter accounts that will have been notified that they have been added to a list of "Creative, PR and Media agencies based in London".

Now I might be off-the-mark here, so please let me know your view if it is different, but if I managed a Twitter account for a London based agency and the account was added to a reasonably large list of London agencies I would think that subscribing to that list would be quite an interesting prospect no?

I mean the account might not wish to follow lots of competitor accounts, but it might well be interesting to have to hand a stream focused solely on what London based agencies are tweeting about?

With that in mind I find it peculiar, and possibly an indication that the listed accounts are not great at "listening" on social.

What's your view?

Would you have subscribed to the list when notified that you had been added?
London Agencies
London Agencies

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I've been away in Cologne Germany for a week, working for +Ford Europe, so I haven't posted anything for +Happening London for over a week.

... Still ticks along though.

What do you think the biggest take-away from this would be for you?

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Are we stalking you yet?

We have 108 London people on our private "Social Media Professionals" Twitter list. Are you one of them do you think?

Drop a comment here, or tweet us if you're not a member here, and we'll tell you if you made the cut.

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Do you have a strategy for hashtags on YouTube?

You probably should πŸ˜‰

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+Hamid Sirhan that posts of yours on LinkedIn ...

Linkedin seems to be moving rapidly up the table of trendy places to post. Do you think users actually understand the platform?

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Mostly people don't, or they consider different platforms as different audiences.

This community would be an audience of "London based social media professionals".

If social media professionals knew what they were doing, or wanted to and joined. 😝

Ref πŸ‘‰

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While this community is public and for London based social media professionals, here is a private community for people managing major brands on Google.

People don't need to be London based, but they'll need an invite, and to show (privately) that they manage a major brand.

If you qualify and would like an invite get in touch. πŸ‘
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