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Gril Name: neco nyu 
Boy Name : niko nyu 
gril Age : 16
boy Age : 16
gril Gender : gril 
boy Gender : boy 
gril Species: dimon /neko / humen / samting that copys pawers 
boy species :dimon /neko / humen / samting that copys pawers  gril 
 gril Likes: frends / figth / kill / spend her time with her twind brother / sing 
boy likes : frends / spots / kill / figth / spens tim with hes sisi / dace .
gril Dislikes: bulyng / her past / that pipol thinke  she like my brother wen she donsent / how her side romatic/ 
boy Dislikes: bulyng / his past / pipol who thinke he likes his sisi wen hi dosent / that his ster makes he sings wen he dosent sing he just dace 
gril Personality: nice , swite , genios , creepypasta, shy, brave,anger issues
 boy  Personality:  nice , switte , genios ,creepypasta, romantic , brave,  peaceful
gril Bio: it so sad 
boy bio:  sad and confused
neco and niko are twins 
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Name: ariandris darkenlor
Age: 21
Sex: female
Species: magic using half-demon wolf
Weapons: two swords strapped to her back, a staff that shrinks into a small charm on her bracelet, and a dagger strapped to her boot.
Likes: being with the people she cares about, books, fighting.
Dislikes: being lost, being forgotten. And losing everyone she cares about
Personality: hard to explain
Bio: ariandris's mother fell in love with a wolf demon. They had a daughter named Ariandris but her parents were killed by a hunter who called himself keithro. Keithro took Ariandris to a small family who had a daughter named kasandra. They took Ariandris in and they had sealed the half demon inside her. She still had magic but not to its full power. She grew up happy until she found the box at the age of 16. The box with all the information about Ariandris and her true parents. It also held the weapons and the old cloths of her mother. Ariandris put the cloths on and read every thing. When she was done she put everything in a magic space that was available to her anywhere. She went to her room, packed everything and ran away. She learned how to jump between dimensions. The dimension of Lord of the rings and her current dimension. She is now a 21 year-old dimension jumping half demon looking for her parents murderer. She still hasn't broken the seal but she is close.
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Ariandris sits down on the ground glaring at the phantomhive manor where her parents killer might be

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name: Dark Lugamitsu
age: ?
gender: female
race: demon
likes: my master to be safe
dislikes: ignorance
has no master, for now
left maid
right demon forms
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standing in a graveyard when i hear your footsteps
you wish you confront me at such a time turns around and faces you
you wish to be my master?
(i need a lady to approach me)
(demon forms*right*)
(maid form*left*)
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(Thanks for the invite! uwu

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Come at me
Originally shared by ****
It's shipping season!! Tag who you ship me with!! I ship:
+Grell Sutcliff x +Sebastian Michaelis
+meena jauregui x +Jade Thirlwall

Others but they are private.. blushes
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"Damn demon..."

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Name: Victorique De Blois
Sex: Female
Age: 15
Like: thinking, tea, and reading books
Dislikes: unknown
Personality: Along with her sharp tongue, abusive bluntness and eccentric attitude, she possesses amazing detective skills, which she usually describes as "reconstructing the fragments of chaos using (her) wellspring of wisdom". This, however, does not discount the fact that she can also possess a personality of a typical girl of her age: childish, overly curious and fond of sweets. She also reveals her very low tolerance to pain, a result of her inability to step into the outside world.
Bio: unknown
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