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A Poem on Eternal Love Recited by Our Master

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Knowledge will help you to sharpen the sword
But wisdom will guide you were to use and how to use the sword .
-- Our Master

A Small Story extracted out of Kashf-Ul- Mahjoob
Hope this read will help us all to know Almighty Supreme Being has his own ways to remember his beloved ones.

Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh writes in his magnum opus ‘Kashful-Mahjub’ that Allah asked His Prophet that there was his subject living in a mountain. He should go to him and convey him His message that his worship of 70 years was rejected. 
When he was given this message, he started dancing with joy and ecstasy upon hearing it. The Prophet asked: your worship spanning over 70 years was rejected but you were dancing to hear it. The person replied: I do not care about my worship of 70 years. I am one of His humble subjects and it is my duty to worship Him. But since my Lord has sent me message, it means He remembered me. I have been included in the list of those whom He knows. 

Thank You for Reading
Good Night
Love, Peace, Joy and Stay Blessed.

"I strove in the spiritual combat for thirty years, and I found nothing harder to me than knowledge and its pursuits." It is more easy for human nature to walk on fire than to follow the road of knowledge, and an ignorant heart will more readily cross the Bridge(Sirat) a thousand times than learn a single piece of knowledge; and the wicked man would rather pitch his tent in Hell than put one item of knowledge into pracitce. Accordingly you must learn knowledge and seek perfection therein. The perfection of human knowledge is ignorance Divine knowledge. You must know enough to know that you do not know. That is to say, human knowledge is alone possible to Man, and humanity is greatest barrier that separates him from Divinity.

Master Bastami

Hi Everyone
Namskar, Assalamalikum to all the group members. Hope everyone is doing good.

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Urooj-E-Sadat Lesson No 3 on Aqlaqh

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Urooj-E-Sadat Speech 3 By Our Master

Greetings to all the community members
Today we have posted few lessons in our community, I would request you all to please take some out and listen, watch and learn.
Thank You
Stay Blessed, Joy and Peace
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