THIS HAS TO STOP !!!!!’nnnnnnnnn
Since MDPD officers do no have body cams or cams in their cars the can get away with lying , brutalizing, and tazing a person while handcuffed and feet tied while in the back of the police car. They do not have to tell you what you are accused of and arrest you on false accusations and charge you with resisting arrest and anything else they want to and you have no rights but to be accused and charged. Always have someone video tape when a police comes to your call. My shoulders where almost dislocated while I was carried out horizontally because the were carrying me by holding the handcuffs instead of my supporting my shoulders.I complained of excruciating pain 3 times (at which time the pain was excruciating and I bit him in the shoulder before my shoulder dislocated, I should have let it dislocate ) and was thrown head first onto the hot asphalt and sat on by 3 officers.
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