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Taking a moment here for collective acknowledgement of the awesome cumulative knowledge base that continues to grow on Metamaps platform today!

At nearly 40,000 topics now entered into our database, well, we're a bit shy of the total volume of wikipedia (5 million arts!?) but we've got great coverage in some really cool domains of emerging peer-to-peer solutionism and socio-cultural change.

Interested in open business models ( or knowledge integration ( Yeah, we got some :)

I was just working on a new map just now to outline the basic tenets and reference points of a hypothetical P2P economic system and lo, at least half of the topics I sought to include were already alive and well in our system, many with nice added detail like descriptions, links, and of course a set of pre-existing connections to related content on other maps. That's pretty darn cool - and darn pretty too.

By importing a couple of existing topics and looking at where else they are used, I discovered a nice pre-existing map that addresses the subject.

It's great to see this much shared value coming together in a really unique and compelling way, all built by an informal network of collaborators on an open source platform...and all continuing to evolve. Sometimes you forget to stop to re-notice these things and be glad for it, be gratified by it, be grateful for all the input thus far.

If you haven't done so lately, I highly encourage a browse over to the recently active maps, and a quick dip into anything there that catches your eye. Maybe throw out a few new topics of your own while you're at it eh? The graph willy only grow if we continues to feeeed it wholesome knowledge and wisdom, spiced up with a bit of collaborative fun and adventure....

Speaking of which, did you know there's a cool little map-based game we designed for two or more players to have fun adding useful new connections into the system? It's called Verge and the deets are here:

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Metamaps Feedback Forum
Send in your suggestions!

Have you submitted a suggestion to our feedback forum yet? You can submit your own ideas, or vote on those submitted by others. (25 vote limit, but you can change the 25 at any time)

Here is where to go:

You can log in with your metamaps account, or FB/G+ too.

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A new Metamaps peer production!

I've been working closely with +Ishan Shapiro and others from our network to design, test, and strategize a solution set for the Real Economy Lab project launched recently in coordination with +New Economics Foundation and Transition Network of the UK.

Below is the beta website we've put together with some of our insights and methods, including an embedded metamap topic view. In addition, you'll notice a map which gives a nicely interactive graph viz of some of the data we're starting to work with.

This project has the potential to grow into a large coordinated development effort to build and customize a full-featured community knowledge graph and sense-making environment for this domain. Right now, we're exploring what's technically possible and practically manageable in terms of a feature set and experience design. Got ideas? Input, feedback, suggestions, references all welcome!

We'll follow up with more news and notes here as plans and progress are made. For now, I hope this inspires additional exploratory mapping along these lines! You'll find a bunch of related content already on the metamaps platform. Try searching "REL" to begin. Please create and contribute thoughtfully :)

Hi friends

There's going to be a 2 hour planned server outage on March 8 from 4am to 6am GMT (EST: March 7 at 11pm-1am). There are some critical server vulnerabilities that need to be patched, apparently!

Happy mapping!

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I'm happy to announce that we've launched a mapping in initiative with +OuiShare! OuiShare is a global community and think and do-tank. Their mission is to build and nurture a collaborative society by connecting people, organizations and ideas around fairness, openness and trust.

OuiShare activities consist of building community, producing knowledge and incubating projects around the topics of communities and the collaborative economy, as well as offering support to individuals and organizations through professional services and education.

The Ouishare Metamaps initiative will create a community, crowd-sourced knowledge graph using the open-source sensemaking platform It is a way for people to find and connect with relevant projects, reveal hidden and implicit cross-community connections, and synthesize insights about the collaborative economy ecosystem that can help to inform decision-making and collaborative action.

If you would like to get involved as a knowledge weaver or get to know more about the initiative, let us know!

Thanks to +Auli K +Francesca Pick +Khushboo Balwani  +Jocelyn Ibarra at OuiShare for your advocacy and support of this initiative!

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Meet the new and improved version of Metamaps - updates are now live on Check it out!

Once you're signed in, go ahead to your account settings and upload a user avatar image. Try out realtime with other mappers, explore the new filter functionality and get a feel for it!

We're still working on some loose ends, and will be sharing out more details, specifics of some new features, as well as tutorials in coming days.

In the meantime, head on over to our new knowledge base & user forum at , and feel free to submit ideas, feedback, suggestions, as well as vote on new ideas, through the new 'feedback' widget on

Have fun exploring - we look forward to you ideas, suggestions & feedback!

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We're releasing the new and improved Metamaps this sunday - the result of months of focused effort from our team to bring the platform to a new level of utility, usability and performance.

We've also secured some celebrity sponsorship - meet our new spokesanimal, the Metamonkey. We hope you're as excited about the launch as he is!

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This is a sneak preview for a short video for that is currently in post-production. The process of creating it has been a lot of fun, experimentation and learning which has helped us  think quite laterally, synthesize some of our ideas and represent them visually. We are planning on sharing it about the same time we push the updates to the platform we have been working on! ;) Loads of fun surprises coming soon to your living room - or wherever you keep your machines.
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This last weekend +Marija Coneva +Connor Turland and I organized a hackathon/dev sprint for at the Felt Lab, an interactive technology space in Waterloo that has served us as our temporary office and workspace while we've been here. We made great progress on advancing the Metamaps mobile app (hint hint: rich media uploading!) over the course of the two days.

Its exciting to be working in the same physical space with so many people on Metamaps and we hope to run more of these in different locations in the future. Thanks to everyone who participated, you all made it happen +Malcolm Ocean +Alessandro Marin +John Meade +Raymon Johnstone +Robert Best +Janet Barrett  +Kevin Hiepleh +Danielle Thompson!

Also thanks to REAP for their ongoing support in sponsoring the hackathon!
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I am super stoked to share that +Connor Turland, +Marija Coneva and I have been accepted into the Imagination Catalyst accelerator from +OCAD University in Toronto!! Imagination Catalyst is a year-long accelerator program which will help us get to the next stage of development on Veqtor, and all that relates to our work. They will provide us with mentorship, office space, relationships and access to OCAD's labs and materials!

OCAD is Canada's "university of imagination. Founded in 1876, we're dedicated to art and design education, practice and research." This is only Imagination Catalyst 2nd year in existence. I think it's really exciting to build connections between OCAD and the University of Waterloo (which has also been supporting our work), as well as all the incredible people and projects who have been accepted in our cohort. We can't wait to get to know the Toronto community better as well as everyone at OCAD!
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