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Another nice Google addition to its list of iOS apps.

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This article sums up the way I use my iPhone.

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Is there a library like OpenInChrome ( for Gmail so 3rd-party app developers can have mailto: links in their apps open with Gmail if the user has it installed?

I'm back on iOS after three months on Android. The only app I'm missing is Google Opinion Rewards. I was earning about 50 cents per day in Play credits with that app.

With the latest YouTube for iOS update, you can edit video which makes me think we can delete the YouTube Capture companion app. Any reason to keep both?

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This could result in me dishing the Android and go back to iOS. Glad to see Google's commitment to both iOS and Android.

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How a Google/Android user sets up his iPhone if he ever gets one..hahah

This is a two part post.

Part 1: I'm habitually closing all my apps, because I read that letting iOS handle memory and thereby letting iOS close apps improves battery performance. In other words, closing apps and reopening them which requires the iOS to re-load common apps into memory burns more battery.

Part 2: I've really started to use iOS dictation mode to craft text messages. Since, I use Hangouts almost as much as I use the iOS Message app, I was disappointed that the dictation button on Hangouts was greyed out recently for me, but still available on iOS Message. After a couple Google searches, it turns out that iOS will disable dictation on non-native apps when memory is short.

Conclusion: close apps you don't need to use often if you want dictation to work in Hangouts.

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Does anyone know how the Google iOS app determines the color of the top action bar when viewing a website inside the app?

I've noticed that some sites have relevant colors when viewed in-app. Target is red, Home Depot is orange, etc., but sites I manage are a generic blue.  I'd like to customize that color if I can find the way to set it.
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Checkout the unusual version number on the latest Gmail app that is optimized for the iPhone 6 and 6+. Maybe someone at Google thinks it's pretty funny that a new piece of hardware from Apple requires such delicate coding.
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