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I just realized we've never had a homecoming. And to have a homecoming, you have to at least have a football team. So I've decided to make the team and the name. Here's the template.


Name: Len
Age: 16
Height: 7' 4
Weight:75 lbs
Position: Q.B

And I think the name of our Football should be called... I have no idea. Well feel free to give opinions. Cuz right now, my mind is blank. Bye!
-Len Rui

This community is dead.

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Name: Billi Cipher.
Age: 16
Gender: male
Species: human but I have demon like powers.
Personality: sweet, but if you get on my bad side, I'm a fucking nightmare. I'm also kind of shy at first. And I'm shy when I'm introducing people to my demons.
Likes: when my demons are being nice.
Dislikes: being around too many people.
Friends: Pacifica Northwest.
Enemies: none.
Powers: levitation, mind control, mind reading, super speed.
Extra: two demons stay around me and NEVER leave me alone. Their names are Mabel and Dipper. But they give me these SWEET powers when they take over my body.

(This is based off of something that was made by something else called Twin Demons which is the alternate universe where Bill is a human kid and Mabel and Dipper are demon)
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Name: Liv Rui or Bella Cipher
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Family: +Len Rui
Personality: Shy, stubborn, Heroic
Likes: Pulling pranks on brother
Dislikes: People saying mean things about me.
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I was just showing my sis +Bella Cipher​ around the school when we run into +Neko Sama

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Name: Allison
Age: 17
Gender: Female ((Duh))
Species: Angel
Likes: Anything
Dislikes: ((I have no clu))
Personallity: Always fun and happy making puns loves to help anyone in need and dragons

Does anyone wanna do a rp?

i was in my lab working on some type of machine, while I was also working my chemistry project

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So I made a small Nagito edit
Its mainly cause I need a bit of positively

Its my first attempt at sprite gifs ^^;
Hope you guys like it. I'm sort or proud of it
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Well guys, I'm gonna be doing a genderbend profile. In other words, the girl version of me.
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