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Camera ZOOM FX 6.0 Beta Out Now!
  - Huge update for Camera ZOOM FX fans!
  - Faster, more powerful, material interface!!
  - Full Camera API2 support!
  - Set ISO, focus distance, exposure, shutter speed (Lollipop only)
  - Fix for Nexus5X inverted photos
  - Combine shooting modes, e.g. timer + hdr, stable + timelapse!
  - Select resolution for front cam
  - Set brightness to maximum
  - Smoother horizon level
  - Immersive mode (Lollipop only)
  - Specify button order in UX!
  - Removed need for separate Geotagger addon

To become a beta tester, you must own a paid version of Camera ZOOM FX from Google Play (download link below) :

Then click the link below to become a beta tester :

After an hour or two, you should receive an update in Google Play to download the latest beta!

Beta testing currently available for premium version only.

Hallo! Kann man bei Camera Zoom den Codec für die Video Aufnahme ändern? Und wenn ja, welcher unterstützt 4k Aufnahme? Mein Handy kann das in der Stock Version. Bei Custom Recovery kommt die Meldung, der Codec unterstützt das nicht... cu und danke für die Hilfe

In the past, I used Google Camera for panorama's (horizontal, vertical and square). But because Google Camera doesn't support the SD card, I dropped it.

Wouldn't it be a great asset for CameraZOOM if it would support panorama mode?
1. Support when taking pictures
Even when it doesn't stitch the images, it would be nice to have feature to make the pictures (showing dots like Google Camera).
If this will be sopported, then horizontal, vertical and square/rectangle mode would be welcome.

2. Tagging a series of pictures when enabling "Panorama mode"
It would also be helpful to tag pictures with a unique tag (for instance PANO+number), so it will be easier to select the pictures in a separate stitch app.

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I'm still not convinced if v6 I'd better than the previous version.
To me, it seems slower (on my Galaxy S5).
Also, when tapping the screen (that's how I trigger a focus), sometimes it focuses, but in many cases, it switches from auto to infinite, macro,...

Also, I don't understand the additional -/+ button when tapping the screen. Is it Aperture?

Also, a manual, or a tutorial would be nice.


Does anyone from the devs read this community or users just report for no reason here?

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+Alex Curran​ man i have a request, today i bought this app for he one euro price but uninstalled it cause if the burst mode bug , after 1 hour i checked it was 4 euros even though the description said it was going to have the 1 euro price till the end of may... now i see you setting a 2 euros price for another special discount... can something be done for me to receive the app for the initial 1 euro i spent? I just saw that you fixed the burst mode that made me uninstall it... if you want proof about buying it and refunding today i can provide! Thanks... you can contact me via hangouts if you wish so
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