You know what? I just hate people in general. No matter how many times i try to change that opinion, humans just seem to become even more stupid, which i thought was impossible, and then they piss me off all over again. Its like a sick reality show called "Fuck Over Raveon"!


you know what i hate? i hate it when your flamingo comes up and eats your cookies it sucks

I hate it when you ask your parents for something simple and they say no but then your little sister asks for something ridiculous and just because she whines she always gets it!

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I hate people who post "Share or she'll get you" photos.

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so i thought that you all probably think that i am a person who doesn't like anything. well so i thought i'd say some of the things that i do like. i like some foods, i like doing peoples hair, i like those random things that nobody notices like a bird about to take flight, a peaceful meadow, my friends, some of my family, i love rock music, cats, music, and loud explotions.   

So, I might get some disagreement with this one, but those extremely popular music videos (a.k.a. Gangnam Style/ Harlem Shake) that spread like some sort of apocalyptic Zombie Virus...

I hate people who think my favorite video games are "Stupid!" they've never even played them.

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