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Steampunk Nation

Introduction to Steampunk Nation:
After years of war, Earth has been destroyed and on the brink of complete destruction. Fortunately, at the edge of destruction, the world nations have banded together in an act of desperation to bring back the human race. Now, with the world nations standing together at the last stand, they recreate Earth in a fashion of Steampunk. Hence Steampunk Nation. The new nation expands quickly over the destroyed Earth finding new resources to contribute to the survive. After the nation’s fifty years of survival, it is relatively clear that the nation restored humanity from extinction. But for every new innovation, there’s always someone… or some machine that holds man back from the ultimate restoration. Are you a hero? Or are you a harbinger of doom?

~The Creator, Steampunk National Committee~

Character Template:
Status: (Prodigy, Villain, Hero)  
Age: Hero (21+) Villain (19+) Prodigy (Any)  
Weapon: (Describe your weapon(s) Max is Four     
Home: (Nation or Colony)
Killable: (Y/N) ((Meaning are you alright with your character dying in an RP))  
Semblance Description: (Describe your semblance)
Points: Prodigy = 25 points; Hero = 35 points; Villains = 30 points  
Strength: (Minimum of five)  
Unarmed skill:   
Weapon skill:  
Weapon strength:  
*REMINDER*: points are a generalization, they are for opponents and other RP’ers to get a feel for your characters fighting style. It does not mean if you have 3 strength and an opponent has 6 that they win in a fight. It is just to let people know if your character is agile and dodgy or your character just likes to hit stuff hard with a stick. You need a weapon to survive in case of matters of war or saboteurs. Max stat in one category is 20.

Rules and other Notes:
1) Make a Profile
2) Wait to be approved by two moderators
3) Demons/Angels are at equal on the battlefield as humans and machines
4) No harassment of any kind
5)No God-modding
 6) No hentai, keep things appropriate, romance is fine, just too much is annoying and gross.
7) Whatever you are, no crazy magic stuff like control over matter
For the weapons, if you have a bow and arrows or gun, you are not Legolas! You can miss your targets, plus you will eventually run out and need to replenish your arrows or bullets.
8) To regulate OP characters, no OP insta-kill stuff, like death rays. Lasers are alright if they can survive a direct hit.
9) If you want to be a mod, ask me and prove to me that you are active and helpful.
10) You may have a special ability or semblance as long as there are limitations. I.e. Invisibility but can get detected by infrared, motion detectors, and stray bullets. Moderators and I will determine whether your semblance is allowed or not.
11) Don't expect to have any skill or anything available to your character, it makes the community very boring.
((Sorry about the wait, I thought everyone could see the guide))

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Character Template:

Name: Aria Bellonova
Status: Villain  
Age: 32 
Gender: Female  
Race: English
Weapon: Dual Pocket Pistols 
Personality:  He's nice but is very serious and brutal when it comes to business and her crimes
Bio:  She inherited a large fortune from her parents and used that along with her high intellect to become the owner of one of the biggest factories in the world and a global terrorist known only as the She Devil.
Ship: A large brown airship with small artillery guns mounted on the bottom next to machine guns that are all used to protect the ship from pirates and the police.
Killable: (Y/N) Yes
Semblance Description:
Points: 30 points  
Strength: 5 
Speed: 10 
Unarmed skill: 1 
Weapon skill: 10 
Weapon strength: 4  
Semblance: Animal Sense, she can feel animals emotions and can use this to control them.
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Nicola you twat!
In the little hat shop, between the train tracks and seamstress, Nicola the hatter sat behind the counter lost in thought. Next to her the little black rabbit doll; dressed in a fine waist coat, sat silently. It had been a while since anyone had come in to get a fine new hat. That was boring. It was all she could do to just sit and wait.
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Name: Nicola "Ms Top Hat" Macalister
Status: (Can she be neutral?)
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Weapon: Cutting blades and needles used for hating
Personality: Chaotic Neutral
Bio: Her father was a genius inventor. She never understood the strange things he did in his lab late at night. He did teach her how to make the finest hats during the day. One day he gave her a rabbit doll named Top. Hours later he was dead. To this day she keeps Top with her at all times and talks to it as if replies. When something goes horribly wrong in the shop all she does is sigh, rub the back of her neck, and shrug. That's just what happens when Top is upset.
Home: New Albion
Killable: As long as it's a fair situation.
Semblance: A strange voice that orders her what to do.
Appearance: Long dark red-brown hair and amber eyes. One is fake, the other may not. She always wears a top hat and keeps small tools of her trade tucked away in her sleeves. Often she will have some sort of wound on her. She will not anwser if you ask about it.
Points: 30
Strength: 2
Speed: 5
Stamina: 5
Weapon Skill: 5
Weapon Strength: 3
Unarmed Skill: 5
Semblance Skill: 5
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Ry Zorin

Status: Hero
Age: 21  
Gender: Male 
Race: Caucasian
Weapon: compound batons, hidden blade, pistol, LMG     
Personality: quirky, loves a good fight, likes modding his weapons
Bio: Ry was born into a hard-working colony. All his life he's had ti work and it has made him strong. He learned martial arts and weapons from his dad and his older brother, Luke, taught him how to aim and shoot a gun. Luke also taught him stealth. Ry has always dreamed of becoming a hero and helping to make the world a better place. When he turned 18 his wish came true.
Home: Colony
Killable: No
Semblance Description: what's semblance?
Points: 35  
Strength: 3
Speed: 3
Unarmed skill: martial arts
Weapon skill: melee
Weapon strength: 5
Semblance: ?

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I stand on the deck of captain Alexander's ship as my brain works like gears in a factory. Memories run through my head playing before me as I pull out a small machine as it shows a single line going up and down when I hear you behind me ((open rp))

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"Let's try something new this time..."
Name: Alex Gear
Age: 19
Status: prodigy
Gender: Female
Race: human
Personality: distant, cold toward strangers, likes fun, is a bit of a dare devil
Ship: No
Killable: yes
Strength: 14
Speed: 10
Unarmed skills: 16
Weapon skill: 15
Weapon strength: 13
Semblance: tall,slim but well built, always has on metal claws and wears gear driven boots

Weapons: sword daggers, revolvers
Occupation: mercenary
Bio: born an orphan grew up along the streets of our floating city I became a mercenary to survive and I also became quite well known for my machines but rest is a mystery for now

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Name: Adrian
Age: unknown but looks 25
Skills: like all Steampunks he is good at clockwork but he excels in weaponry
Bio: you will only know if he trusts you enough
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Character Template:
Name: William Smith (short for Will)
Status: Pirate
Age: 22
Race: Human
Weapon: Gun Blade (A dual-wielded sword which have built in pistols inside of them which can be fired by pulling the trigger inside the handle of the sword)
Personality: Very outgoing and full of energy. Has a secret passion for killing.
Bio: When he was little his parents died in the heart of the capital by a couple of thugs, ever since then he was taken care of and raised by a bunch of pirates. They took him in as a child when they caught him stealing food from them. Will looks up to them and loves them as a family. He has killed many traders throughout his time and he doesn't hold back.
Home: Prometheus (Its a huge ship which can hold up to 100 crew members)
Killable: Yes 
Semblance Description: None
Points: Villain = 30 points
Strength: 5
Speed: 6
Unarmed Skill: 5
Weapon Skill: 8
Weapon Strength: 6
Semblance: 0

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Palais Souterrain: Here is pretty dangerous and deep underground to hide away from regular lifestyles. Sometimes maintenance crews come and clean, but many live undergrounds in the buried ruins of what was left of the great war. Here is a hidden and illegal black market that can sell up to the most absurd things. Low taxes for those who live down here but privacy is ultimately ensured.
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