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NAME: Willow Alice Rose
AGE: 21
WEAPONS: Throwing daggers and Hidden blades in sleeves.
SKILLS: Archery, Acrobatics, Speed, Stealth, and Accuracy
ROLE: Assassin for hire
HEIGHT: 5'3"
WEIGHT: 135lbs
LIKES: Archery, Books, Art, Animals, and Killing targets
DISLIKES: Losing a target, Failing mission, Government, and Assholes
BIO: Was part of a ship that was supposed to go to another country. We weren't told what the ship was meant for. About half way there the ship was blown up by our own cargo. A lamp had fallen and set off the entire cargo of dynamite. I was the only survivor. I made it back to the country and found out we were meant for a suicide mission to take out our enemies with that dynamite. Since then I have trained and tried everything to learn how to be the best assassin and take out the men who killed my family. Sadest part is...this all happened when I was only 12. Now I am 21 and I have killed about 156 soldiers who worked for the governement and 17 governement officials. 

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he eats his dinner when he suddenly hears a knock on the door. A lost person? A person who sought him out for help? Trouble? Whatever it is, he has to awnser the door. He puts arrows on his back, grabs his bow and then opens the door

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Name: Shun Heruna
Age: 17
Weapons: only bow and arrows
Skills: he is an exelant sharpshooter and survivalist
Bio: he lives in the forest as a huntsman, his cabin is far from the road. He lives his life as a free man, but he also helps people. He provides the poor with warm hides and meals from nature and he offers a hidingplace for wanted rebels. His home is one of the safest places there is.
Pet: a young wolf he found in the forest
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+XxKing LoganxX oooooohhh you be in troubleeeeeeeeee

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Name : Hylian Lightning
Age : 15
Race : Draconic (Half Dragon)
Weapons : White Carbon Steel great sword and Carbon steel great shield
Abilities : Spell's/Magic in general--Hieghtened senses--Physical ability increase--Dragon Polymorph
Bio : I am a platinum knight as some call me from a different dimension who's only mission is to slay all evil or chaos in this world by any means possible. I Serve Those With Honor and Heart Not Power
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i wander throughout the city, wearing my gas mask, refusing to breathe the governments polluted air this government is trash, it's corrupted and they call us the evil ones

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Name Mikado Kumara
Gender female
Weapon guns
Skills shouting from a far distance.
Bio (its personal)

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Name: Hex

Age: 18

Weapon: Brass Knuckles

Skills: Martial Arts, Agility

Bio: Hates the government for putting him under horrible experimentation. Because of said experiments he needs to wear a gas mask to breathe, he can not wear it for up to 10 minutes at a time. Got his name for being known as a living curse or "hex".
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Name Dakrai West

Age 17

Gender Male

Weapons Hidden blades, and throwing hatchets

Skills Extremely agile, somewhat hard to kill. Disappears without a trace. Strikes fear into his enemies with his mask.

Bio He'll tell you

Height 6'1"

Weight 132 lbs
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I sit in the local pub, I watch people as they have their drinks, I take a sip of my wine and I see my target walk in, a man in his 50s wearing a casual duster, I finish off my wine and I watch him walk into a room, I get up then you stop me, I stare at you
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