Hey, what rhymes with "dead"?
This community.

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Anybutty wunna dew an rp?

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Age:idfk 10000 at least

Gender: Genderless, but she can become anything she wants and identifies as female.

Sexual Preference: Guys are her thing now since Rose is gone

Favorite Position: Any who says they're Rose.(Yes she that thirsty)

Hated Position: Anyone who's not Rose. Anyone(she thirsty remember)

Conviction: -Destruction of Beach City public property.
-Being too thirsty.

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Naem: Spammy teh classic sanic fag.
Gender :souprsaying
Bio: I am gad. O bay meh.
Sexualtity: str9

A loud crash can be heard.
"You will never subdue the mighty Kulta!"
His imposing 7-foot-tall skeletal form slams into the ceiling of the entryway.
(Open rp)

What does it mean by "position" in the template? +Vlad'mir Putin

I, the new councilman of the Horny Prisoners Against Oppressive Guards, or HPAOG, call for a riot against all armed personnel in this prison.
If you care to join my rebellion, please say "ayy lmao".
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