The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life, which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.
--Henry David Thoreau

Consider the young man who was doing great in his high school studies, then suddenly started to fall behind. One day, a teacher pulled the young man aside and asked him what happened. The student told him that he had asked his father for a car, and the father told him that if he earned the money, he could have one. The student, being industrious and hard working, went out, got a job, saved the money, and bought the car. But then the car needed insurance, gas, and maintenance, so the student kept the job to keep up the car. The job took up more and more of his time, until finally he began to fall behind in his studies.

"Why don't you just get rid of the car?" asked the teacher.

"Get rid of the car?" came the reply. "How would I get to my job?"

How often we feel that if we just get that new car, that new boyfriend or girlfriend, that promotion, or the condo in the good neighborhood, we will find happiness and contentment - only to discover that the thing just brings with it more pain, more costs, and more bother than it's worth. The new sports car runs only half the time, the new partner needs more care than your dog, the promotion eats up your weekends, and the new condo won't allow pets.

Things don't bring true happiness. Instead, they often sap your strength and leave you emptier than you were before. Think about the true cost of a thing before you pursue it in time, lifestyle changes, energy, maintenance and money. Can you really afford the amount of life that the thing will take from you in return for the happiness it brings? Are you willing to pay the price?

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May all #beings be safe and well.
May all beings be #happy
May all beings be free from #suffering.
May all beings know #peace of mind.


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First Vlog post in a while

A heart felt piece of writing by a family member of mine Lisa Bella Donna


"I feel that while losing our heroes to suicide, It is an important and sobering reminder that no matter what our impression of people we know as artists, icons, friends or family... they can be struggling immensely with the disease of depression.

Suicidal thoughts to someone who is resonant with a deep current of depression often see it as prism of relief and possibly solace. Perhaps another opportunity to make a fresh start. To shed the old skin. To maybe feel free.
You can feel as if you're doing the world around you a favor and a great service.
At it's resonant peak, you feel a sort of inspiring warmth of Death. Similar to a predestination of hypothermia.

I only speak from my personal experiences with the disease. I felt all these elements so intensely pre~transition. I was looking very forward to clearing myself from the planet and sparing all my family, friends, and colleagues from witnessing any evidence of my authenticity.
They were comfortable and happy with who I was to them. I didn't feel it was fair to inflict a lifelong reality of mine on their investment in me. It wasn't their fault I was the mongrel I am.

So, it's a heavy gig when you cross the equator of your own mortal intention. I know how happy I was the day I had decided after I'm done with this gig, I'm going to set all these spirits in here free. It's one of the most intensively malignant parasites in our reality.

I could only imagine how it transforms and seductive it could be with drugs and alcohol included. I'm grateful I never added that to the mix.

Best we all can do is keep connected to those we love. Live in the circulation of kindness and consideration. Extend your selves into someone else's barometer. The more we strive for balance in our own lives, the more access we acquire to contribute to the care and kindness of others.

It also clears the precipitation of confusion that obscures the airwaves of open communication and sensibility where someone's altitude of health is located.

No matter what, if we're still here we're here together.

The best we can do is the most that we can give. It's a short ride anyway.
Just give more hugs, kisses, complements, kindness, and consideration.

It's the best weapon to fight against the seasons greetings of depression. None of us signed up for it, we're enlisted...

If anyone here who ever feels ready to give in to this darkness, you come find me. I've always got lots of love and kindness to give to those near or far. Life is such a beautiful gift in a spinning wheel of a world. None of us truly know what is on the other side of this existence.

We should find continuum together. The storms do indeed pass.

Love to all"


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Got to spend some quality time with my Nephew Luke today

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