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A series of meditations that are inspired to say the least. My earnest desire is to see the undiluted gospel shared amid the saints of God.

How does the risen Christ disclose Himself to us today, in this current moment?

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"God told me I wasn't able to preach the gospel, so I decided to let Him do it instead..."James Penz

At this point in my journey back to Jesus, and a life free from the perils of my deadly thoughts; I want to endorse a brother, that has helped to point more than a few in the right direction, straight back to Jesus. 😄

Jesus' return occurred on the day of Pentecost, it is by the power of the Spirit of God that the revelation of Jesus Christ is given to the Sons of God today. People (believers) are still looking toward a physical coming of Jesus off in the future somewhere while His return occurred spiritually 2000 years ago.
The very first words documented by Mark( 1;14-15) of Jesus were," the time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand, repent ye and believe the gospel" . Can it be that God is wrong? Or is man wrong, they cannot be both correct .

When you don't have an intimate relationship with the risen Jesus, you will probably end up preaching the bible , as the "word" of God ; instead of Jesus.

which one, be careful your life could be on the line.

1. this world is given to us as a temporary dwelling, while we spend our time working our way to heaven, and finding out what God wants us to do for Him. ?

2. with the time we spend on earth today , it is Gods desire that we experience the joy of living, and come to comprehend the ways of life?

Why, after we have learned over and over again; that Jesus's disciples did not fully comprehend that His intention was not to set up an earthly physical kingdom, do we as disciples insist on contending within the realm of the same erroneous dilemma ?
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